Ethiopia has extended the registration process for foreign nationals.

Mekelle:  13 February 2024 (Tigray Herald)

Ethiopia has extended the registration process for foreign nationals.

We inform all concerned parties that our registration process for foreign nationals residing within the nation’s borders without having finalized their immigration status, including individuals who have not duly engaged with the legal immigration system, as well as those who have overstayed their permitted duration without renewing their visas and residence permits, is still ongoing and and active.

This concerns those who are operating under fraudulent documentation. This includes:
Forged documents ie

• Fraudulent permanent residence permits
• Fraudulent temporary residence permits
• Fraudulent Ethiopian Origin IDs
• Foreign nationals with fraudulent visas and other fraudulent documentations;
• Companies with foreign nationals in their employ yet without conducting necessary company registration

In light of the necessity to afford additional time for the completion of this registration process, we have extended registration deadline to March 9. This extension is intended to facilitate compliance and ensure that all affected individuals have the opportunity to regularize their status in accordance with the nation’s immigration policies.

We urge all individuals concerned to take immediate action to regularize their status within the extended timeframe.

Source፡Immigration and Citizenship Services

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