TDF will striving to restore Tigray’s territorial integrity to its pre-war state

Mekelle:  15 February 2024 (Tigray Herald)
By Yerga Yaecobe

Comprehensive Strategy for Safeguarding Tigray’s Core Survival and National Interests

In light of the devastating war. and genocide in Tigray, it is crucial for all Tigrayans to unite behind a comprehensive strategy aimed at protecting the fundamental survival and national interests of Tigray. This document presents a strategy encompassing historical, current, and future perspectives, emphasizing unity, restoration, justice, and honoring sacrifices.

Unity of Purpose:
It is imperative for all Tigrayans to come together with a shared goal of rebuilding and securing the future of Tigray, transcending political differences or viewpoints, as unity is essential for advancing Tigray’s interests.

Territorial Integrity and Restoration:
The Tigray Defense Forces (TDF) will act as guardians of Tigray, striving to restore Tigray’s territorial integrity to its pre-war state, reclaiming and securing territories lost during the conflict.

National Identity and Genocide Recognition:
Preserving Tigray’s national identity is paramount, including acknowledging and commemorating the genocide against Tigrayans, seeking justice for the victims through legal means, both domestically and internationally.

Implementation of Pretoria Agreement:
Full and unconditional implementation of the Pretoria agreement is necessary to foster peace and stability in the region, with all parties fulfilling their commitments outlined in the agreement.

Return of IDPs and Self-Determination:
Efforts should be made for the safe return and rehabilitation of internally displaced persons (IDPs) to their homes, while respecting the Tigray people’s right to self-determination.

Honoring Sacrifice and Supporting War Veterans:
Recognition and support should be provided to disabled Tigrayan war heroes and veterans who have sacrificed for Tigray’s defense, including medical care, rehabilitation, and assistance with their reintegration into society.

Guidelines for Political Engagement:
All Tigrayans should adhere to principles such as respecting differing political opinions, prioritizing Tigray’s interests, promoting dialogue and peaceful conflict resolution, transparency in governance, and inclusivity of diverse voices within Tigrayan society.

National Unity and Political Differences:
Fostering national unity among Tigrayans, embracing diversity of thought, and respecting differing political views are crucial for Tigray’s progress, guided by principles promoting unity, cooperation, and mutual respect.

Addressing Hunger and Starvation:
Efforts should be made to raise awareness of the hunger and starvation crisis in Tigray at the international level to garner support and assistance.

Adherence to these comprehensive guidelines will enable Tigrayans to confront future challenges with resilience, unity, and a firm commitment to safeguarding Tigray’s core survival and national interests. Only through collective action and unwavering determination can Tigrayans overcome obstacles and build a prosperous and peaceful future. This document serves as a professional blueprint for Tigrayans to uphold and advance their core survival and national interests post-Genocide strategy’s.

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