Anyone who is from Tigray, or Amhara and is suspected of leaking information should be dismissed immediately

Mekelle:  19 February 2024 (Tigray Herald)

Anyone who has a relation to the Orthodox Church, Tigray, or Amhara and is suspected of leaking information

should be dismissed immediately.

………A leaked document from the Oromuma government.

The following is a transcript of a meeting called by the PM of Ethiopia and the most influential members of OPDO leadership that are in decision making of the Oromia and Federal government.

The meeting was in Oromifa language with some Amharic and English phrases used in between. The meeting recording was 4.5hrs long and the document will be released when it is safe to do so. The translation was carried by native Oromifa speaking persons but it was found to be too long to translate it word-for-word. For the benefit of everyone mentioned in the discussion we have translated the most important points.


The meeting was carried out after the Orthodox Church Protest and begin to get local and international support including the Eritrean Orthodox Church. The agenda is how to counter and defeat what they called the semitic invaders and settlers from the north. These include the Nefegnas (i.e Amharas), Tegaru (often referred Junta) and Eritrea.

Warning: This document is not for public consumption or the media since it can put some of the dissenting voices within the OPDO in danger.

It is only needed to be brought to the attention of those who are targeted by OPDO-Prosperity regime.

Who was present at the meeting? the attendant of the meetings were about 7 persons. But the number of participant could be up to 20. The names mentioned in the voice recording during the discussions were Dr. Abiy Ahmed, Obbo Shimelis, Dr. Fekadu Bikila, Colonel Abebe Gersu, Dr. Kenea Yadeta, Mr. Ibrahim, and a few more people whose name is not mentioned but referred as you – “over there” by the chair person.

My personal appeal:-

Please make sure that Amharas, Tigraians, Eritrea, Orthodox Oromos of Showa and Orthodox people in the southern regions are informed about this not through public media but through words of mouth so that they can protect themselves.

Somalis and Afars are also mentioned in the discussion as a target to be weakened to be voluntarily incorporated in “Kush” country that OPDO plan to create.

Caution: We have already lost one Oromo Orthodox Christian who used to work for OBN. He used to live in Adama and he got poisoned and killed under the order of Shimeles Abdissa. He was the one who was suspected to leak the famous discussion of Mr. Shameless Abdias about OPDO’s “convincing and

confusing” project and the plan of demography change of Finfine and big towns.

Orommuma Plan B. If Oromo cannot rule over the whole of Ethiopia what should be Plan B for Orommuma. That is, to create an alliance of the Kush people to control 65% of Ethiopia and a large part of Eritrea, that is the Red Sea Afar to have access to the red sea.

How to weaken the dominance of the sematic settlers in Ethiopia, namely Neftegna (Amhara), Tigray (junta) and Eritrea in the Oromo land. They said there are about 15 million of them in Oromia who are controlling the biggest towns, business and vast tract of farms. They have big supporters through Churches and mosques which is weakening the resolves of Oromos to clear their land.

Though the agendas mentioned above the discussion was random and more of a lecture by the PM.


• Main lecture of the PM was how to defeat the Northern society, i.e. Amhara & Tigray including Eritrea by setting a condition to fight each other.

• Aby repeatedly refers these Northern as “the Children of Yohannis and Minilik and Gobena”. Of course he also wanted to include Eritrea in the trap. He said Eritrea is no more with us but with Amhara Fano, which shows their affiliations to their sematic and Orthodox alliance. From the beginning we know that they are paranoid. Our people even in the Embassy in Asmara could not move freely without being followed by their security forces. You can ask Redwan how he suffered and he always jocks saying that they follow you as if they have something in Eritrea to be protected.

Proposed solution outlined by Abiy.

To counter the northern sematic influence on Finfine and the rest of Oromia we have created a condition that they destroy each other over Raya, Tegede and Humera. Unless they reduce themselves into irrelevant through devastating conflict, the hope of the Oromo liberation becomes a pipe dream.

He says “we can put Eritrea on a wrong track by involving them in war with Tigray (and Tegarus against Amahara). Then we can mobilize the international community as invader of a soverign country to isolate Eritra as Meles successfully did it.

This weakens Eritrea as nation to pave the way for the Kush Republic that will own 65% of the country by brining Agew, Kimant, Afar, Somali and the Red Sea Afar. But, he said “be careful that we remain as friends of Eritrea and they should not suspect what is going on”.

The Amhara, Tigray and Eritrea must destroy each other and remain in their landlocked hiding


OLF wasted 60 years hoping to create a landlocked Oromia, which wasn’t attractive to vast

number of Oromos. Oromia will not make Oromos a major player in the region without access to

the sea. We have a chance to be a leader and protector of oppressed people of Kush. In that

alliance we can became a dominant force in the region. We should aim higher than that the

OLF. He bluntly said “our problem is the sematic settlers from the north, not our brothers and

sisters from Afar, Somali, Agew, and the south. You all know Abdula has done excellent work in

persuading the South and Gurages that they will be better off under the Oromo leadership with vast resource to prosper than a return of Neftergas and the junta (Tigarus)”. He has told them if the Neftegna returns they will lose their autonomy than they enjoy today under PP.

It is not possible to win the next election without winning the Amhara, Tigray, Addis Ababa and votes of big towns in Ormoia. The Amhara extremist media and the stupid Shene (by posting of it’s killings in Wellega) have destroyed our chances. So, we have to think in advance the scenario of what if we lose the election and the leadership of Ethiopia? He asks a rhetorical questioon to answer it himself. Are we going to handover Finfine and Oromiya to Neftergna? No, we will enact plan B to control the Kush land. He said Kush is a vast land including the Red Sea. It is only as the finial resort that he will defend Oromia. Oromia without access to the sea cannot prosper or influence the East African region. The vacuum created by absence of TPLF must not be filled by Amhara, Eritrea or Kenya. He said we can create the biggest viable Kush state that will control a vast resource and the red sea.

Our strategy is to create a condition for northern Ethiopia to get into a long and protracted battle so that they wouldn’t have time for Finifine. We used the Eritrean and Amhara force to destroy Tigray and now we will do the same to Amhara’s and then to Eritrea using TPLF.

For Eritrea and Tigray must clash and the Amera and Tigray must destroy each other. We should not lose this God given opportunity. The only force that can bring them together is the Orthodox religion. That is why we have to hold the Oromia synod demand till the Tigray synod become independent.

TPLF has at least 20,000 Commandos in Sudan and we didn’t disarm TPLF so that they can attack to take disputed territories from Tegede, Humera and Raya. During the Sudan conflict UNHCR stopped supplying food to these refugees and we have to send money to stop them from dispersing. It is for this strategic reason that I am feeding Samri force in Sudan. Tigreans are deflated from their bravado and from now on they are our Agar, not even an equal partner.

We should make sure that all the three groups are stretched for survival and has no time to think of bigger agenda, forge alliance and became a force to think and act to restore their dominance over Ethiopia or hinder the emerging of a prosperous Kush Oromia.

So far, everything is going well as planned except the failure in creating Oromia Synod before mid-2015. But we will make it happen before end of this year. We have successfully removed the Amhara and others influence over the Muslim Mejlis. Haji Tufa is now fully in control and the same will happen in the orthodox synod. We have already discussed with TPLF team to speed up creation of Tigrian Synod and we concert our effort and clear the Amhara and Tigre priests and synods from Finfine and all Oromia.

Unknown speaker intervened to presents a kind of success report:- The war in the north and the Pretoria agreement between us and TPLF has opened window of new opportunities for working together. In all conditions Oromo force are strengthening. We trained and armed more than a million Oromo special force, we are cleaning Amhara out of Oromia, Benisahngul-Gumz and Gambela regions, which were historical part of Welega and Illibabur. We are speeding up a settlement in Bensangul up to the great Renaissance Dam. Eventually the process of integration of Benishangul Gumz which was historically Welega before TPLF, Gambela, Wolo and Gojam into Kushetic country.

As we have been saying Tulema Orthodox are loyal to old Ethiopia. The Showa Oromos attachment with the oppressors is stronger than we thought. They are giving their homes, renting properties and helping those we thought that they will leave our towns after tforce
houses were demolished. That is why we should not underestimate the orthodox church. That is why we have to retreat back to find the right way to destroy it from our land and the minds of Oromos.

The issue of Gurage, Gamo and Konso, the orthodox community of the southwest region should be handled differently from what we planned for Amhara. Their response to the church call is disturbing. We should continue to pressurize them to cut their ties with sematic orthodox to remain loyal to Oromia. Many of you ask why we don’t give kilil to Gurage people to keep the quite?. Gurage is in a very strategic location. Giving Gurage a killel will cut off the Jimma Oromo from Addis Ababa and Eastern Oromia and we will not allow the sematic group to have a foothold at the heart of Oromia. We gave Sidama because it is at the edge of Oromia and they are Kusatic and most of them were historically Oromos. Whether they like it or not Sidam will be Oromo but we can’t afford to give Gurage a sematic group a killil status to cut off the Jima and Illibabur Oromos from the rest of Oromia.

We should all be aware the three groups in the South that need a forceful intervention are Gamo Gofa, Gurage and Konso. Let’s plan this and start immediately as the international community focus is on the Northern Ethiopia.

The harassing and pressurizing of the Sidama should be strengthened till they became part of Oromia, where they belong. You can use the same approach to other small groups in the south. Aba Dula has set a good example when he took over fertile lands around Nech-Sar National Park that belongs to Gamo Gofa Zone. Aba Dula responded to Gamo elders who reacted and asked for the withdrawal of Oromos from the Gamo land was exellent. You know what he told them? “get all Gamo living in Oromia out and bring them to Arbaminch, and then, I will remove the Oromos from Neche Sar National Park!”. Then they start living quietly in the last 15 years. Carefully, you should do the same to the others.

The Youth of Orthodox Oromo in Shewa and Finfinnee should be indoctrinated to detach themselves from the religion of Amhara and Tigray. Affiliation and sympathy to the Orthodox Christianity must stop to ensure our people are liberated from influence of the church.

As you all know, in the last 7 years we have done successful jobs in bringing more than a million

youths mainly from the Islam, Waqifeta, protestant religions. We gave them houses trained

them, provided them finance and business opportunities to come to Showa predominately fro

from Harargie & Arsi to settle and takeover the economy and leadership positions to break up

the old Neftegna/Amhara type social psychology, in Adama and Finfini. Unless the Tulema

Orthodox become minority they will continue to be disloyal. Many of the Orthodox Oromos became like Amhara because of the Orthodox Church has inculcated them with this psychology. That is why we have to deal with the Orthodox synod. That is why we settled many non-showa Oromos in Showa and we will settle millions in the new Sheger City to surround and contain Finfine till all the Sematic people leave our land.

Sheger has economic benefit but above all it has a military benefit. If we settle non-showa

oromos in Sheger City, it will make life difficult for settlers in Finfine. As we have seen in the

Orthodox protest, we can’t trust the Showa Orthodox Oromos who dress up in black when the

Orthodox church declared war on us. Many of the newly settled people are also trained and

armed to support the special force. Actually we have discussed these 4 years back at Adama

when we evaluated how the Oromo displacement from Somali region. Then some of you had

disagreed with me and calling for the return of to Hararge. Eventually they will return by force but for now they are more useful in Showa than in Harerge. We settled them them in Showa to dilute the Orthodox wing of Tulema. Look Adama we are in full control and we will do it in Finfine.

I repeat myself and the Critical issue of attention is for this project to be success, the three northern potential sematic orthodox powers: the Amhara, Tigray and the Eritreans, who showed some affinity towards Orthodox Amhara must destroy each other. This is a perfect opportunity and we must not waste it. You all know that they call themselves pillars of the historic Ethiopia. Even though Eritrea is now a different nation, but as we have seen recently the Eritrean Ortodox church backed the Nefegna Synod in Finfine.

It is very important that Eritrea should crushed beyond to make sure it will never interfere in the Ethiopian internal affairs and lose. There security apparatus in Ethiopia will be dismantled and eventually we will liberate the Red Sea Afar to bring them to the Kushatic family.

There is still a potential that this church might bring Amhara and Tigray and Eritrea together as religious brothers. That will be a disaster for our project. At the same time, we have to support the creating of Tigray Synod to set precedence for Oromia synod to becom legitimate. TPLF, definitely likes to have a local Tigrian synod that can fully bless the planned war on Amhara and Eritrea.

Once again we should not underestimate the Orthodox Church since they are note predictable. The synod might mobilize all the Christians including Showa Oromo and south to create trouble. It is also possible that they may suddenly call for reconciliation among Orthodox Christians which may attract Shewa Oromo and other Orthodox Christian Nationalities which will make our task more complicated. We already saw how the Oromo Orthodox Synod was challenged the Amhara-Tegre and some of the minority groups. We should not forget that the Patriarch is a junta and can have a big influence in Tigray. That is why I was quick to withdraw to weaken the emotion and emerging unity among Christians. The strategy now is worked very well.

We have to be careful that our next move and design is to break up the Northern and the Orthodox should be flawless. A team led by the three (the speaker did not call a name but say the three is refining the Strategy and I want to read it quickly). He is very knowledgeable concerning how to deal with the Orthodox Church Synod individual members and collectively. He worked for Abay Tsehaye/TPLF/ in managing the Synod and now helping us a lot.

Every one of us should bear in mind that, the general goal is to insure a war should breakout among and between Amhara, Tigray, Eritrea. Afar and Somali issues are already given to another

team and the processes is going well. The priority is the North, Comrades! The Northern

communities are not yet meaningfully and deeply divided. The Orthodox Church remains a glue

among them in addition to the long history they claim. These force should never again be seen

as useful force in Eastern Africa in any way. The time to finish them is now. We should note give

them any chance for regrouping as one. I am feeding the TPLF army in Sudan for the same

reason while we have a chronic shortage of dollar. Once again we should note undermine the

potential of Showa Orthodox Oromo who could any time tilt towards his Amhara as Orthodox

Christian brother as a results of some of the cadres mistakes in Bale, Arsi, Harargie, specially

Shashamane. When our youth attacked they include Orthodox Oromos in the list of displacement and killing. This has created some doubt over Oromummaa moves Shimelise intervined: We tried to rectify that mistake by carefully targeting Orthodox Amaharas, and some Muslim Amharas and leave out Orthodox Oromos during the operations. According to our recent assessment around Goha Tsion and Dera, there is sign that Orthodox Oromos, especially the youngsters are identifying themselves as different from Amhara Orthodox. This proves it is possible to make the Amharas Orthodox Doubt the Oromo Orthodox and potentially start clashing along the ethnic line which is one of our success.

Our intelligence has worked out the Amhara killings that has been happening everywhere is done by the local people and note by special forces we brought from Harargie, Arsi, bale and Ataye to Dere Dawa, Harar, Welga, West & North Shoa which created very useful level of mistrust among the people Amhara and Oromo who used to see each other as religious brothers and sisters. However, there are some areas where Amaharas and Oromos are glued together as one and difficult to crack. For example our assessment of Debre Libanos, Deber Tsigie, Woliso, Bishoftu, Finfine and the surrounding areas need attention to facilitate cleansing. Recently we tested areas around Addis Ababa by demolishing houses belongs to Amharas and other non- Oromo Orthodox Christians and the reaction we saw from Showa Orthodox Oromo is not encouraging. They sympathize with Amhara, give them shelter, rent the house and even rebuke our force engaged in the operation.

Another speaker:- We have to work hard by bringing more non-Showa Oromo to the Addis Ababa and surrounding, which is a Seger City. We can’t trust the Orthodox Oromos surrounding Finfine to be hard on Addis Ababa people. We should not forget, they are sons and daughters of Gobena, who conquered and subjugated the Oromos along with Amhara and Tigaru Neftegna. That is why we need to move the Tulema Orthodox from Sheger and surrounding so that hardline Oromos from Wellega, Harar and Arsi to settle so that we can make Addis Ababa inhospitable for sematic settlers from Amhara, Tigray and Eritrea.

We have to block migration of Tegarus, Eritrean towards Finfine and Oromia Towns not to disrupt the demography change. If we had opened the door after signing of the Pretoria agreement 500,000 starved Tigrus would have flooded our towns and villages. We made sure that no one leave Tigray with excuse of no movement before demobilization and reintegration. But our plan is to stop the southward migration of the Tegrus youth which will end up in Finfine, Adama, Bishoftu, Dire Dewa and other bigger towns. Still we have to make sure that those who left Oromia and Finfine to train and fight us will never return and settle again in Finfine. They are dangerous because they are trained fighters and they will also change the demography. We are trying to get the full names of TPLF combatant through demobilization and reintegration program. The names will be used to track if their movement to Finfine under various excuses.

Renewal of ID card, driving license must be stopped for those who left us to Tigray to fight. The other reason we didn’t let the youth leave Tigray is if all able and young combatant leave Tigray to settle in the comfort of Finifine and Oromia towns, TPLF will not have a fighting power

to retake Western Tigray and Raye. We know the 20,000 well trained Commandoes, the Samris in Sudan to take the fight to Col. Demeke and the Welekayet special force and TPLF from Tekeze. Unless Tigray, Amhara and Eritrea fight on Welkayet into irrelevance, our hope of ruling over Ethiopia will face a challenges. Unless the Eritreans are weakened into irrelevance, they will not let the Afar brothers to join their Kush Oromos, Agew, Somali and live in Peace. We need access to the see and we are not going to send tanks and drones to capture Aseb. When we bring Afar

to their Kush brothers and that means whatever the Afar owns will be ours. The sematic Ertreans and Tigreans had been looking down the Afar to exploit them and it is time that they get the test of the Kush power.

Coming to Sheger I repeat and demography projects we have settled one million non-Tullema Oromos in Shewa to reduce the influence of the sons and daughters of Gobena.

All the youth we have settled from Oromia region that were displaced by Abdi Ille are now useful in creating the bigger country. They are well settled, organize and mobilize and they have no love or loyalty to Amara, Tigrea and Eritrea like the Tulema Orthodox.

That is why we have to tell our administrators to take harsh measure and punish those who rent houses, or provide social services like school and health care. As a result many of the Amhara’s had no choice to leave our towns for good.

We do not have time. Cleansing Sheger City should not take more than 3 months to go to the second complex task of making Finfinnee Free from the Sematic and Orthodox influence without attracting the alerting the diplomatic community. The biggest challenge will start when we start to take the Tullema land for construction and development. Some even within us like Taye Dendea have started talking about Tulema land. This is a dangerous trained that must be suppressed. If Tulemas refuse to give their land there will not be a Sheger Project. We don’t need a Guji type of disturbance around Sheger city.

Another speaker brought up a significant opportunity that we must handle with care and utilize. We have discovered that there are over 45,000 non-Oromos who were born in the Oromia region, speak the Oromo language, but 27,000 were well-trained by the TPLF to live in our communities and manipulate us. Some of them have been educated to infiltrate OLA training. We are currently monitoring and recording their activities, as they have been useful to us for a while. However, as soon as the sons of Yohannes and Minilik are cleared from Oromia, we will hold them all responsible for the problems in Wellega and Benshangul. They should not be aware of this plan, and we will continue to act as if they are fully Oromos. Additionally, we cannot allow any peaceful resolution regarding the Amhara and Tigray’s claims on the Raya and Wolqayit areas.”

I agree with you, Abiy, and we are already taking action. There is no turning back now! Unfortunately, the TPLF is not strong enough to fight against the Amharas. They have been weakened and turned into cowards. They lack the desire to fight or stand against the Amhara and Eritrean forces. Therefore, we must encourage the extreme Adwa element of the TPLF to agitate for more action against Getachew. We need to disarm the Amharas first so that the TPLF leaders can believe they have a chance of winning the war. Once the TPLF controls those areas, we will re-arm the Amharas to start gorilla-type resistance so that for the next 30 years, the Semitic oppressors remain occupied with each other.

It is necessary to wait until they are irreconcilable and destroy each other. We have a lot of opportunity for the TPLF to start a war against by attacking Eritrea. We have spread security information that Eritrea will train and arm the Amhara forces and that they are going to finish Tigray jointly with Eritrea forces. We, of course, have a support from some of our Western and some Arab countries to Arm ourselves and also provide Arm to TPLF so they get some confidence to start the war both with Amhara and Eritrea. This helps us to prevent them from any kind of peaceful resolution and close all the opportunities for these three forces become

allies in anytime foreseeable. They will never be able to stand on the way of the emergence of 8 of 12

the Grater Oromia as United Kush. On our side, we have part of strategic national defense ammunition back in to Oromia.

An influential foreign diplomat has advised us not to engage in conflict with the TPLF. Instead, he suggested to ally with them to eliminate the fascist Amharas. The diplomat has promised to support us in various ways, including through diplomacy, finance, and convincing the world to disarm the Amhara Fano and impose an embargo on Eritrea. They also suggest silencing world media and Western human rights activists and organizations. This opportunity could greatly benefit our cause, and we should consider taking this advice.

The US is displeased with Esayas Afewrki’s approach to Russia and may try to manipulate us as a weapon. However, we can use the TPLF to eliminate three birds with one stone the Amhara, Eritrea, and the TPLF itself. This will pave the way for the creation of Kush Land and access to the Red Sea. We cannot afford to waste this opportunity. We must not deceive ourselves by creating a false sense of peace that will slow down our progress. Conflicts and wars are necessary to create a “new normal,” as the Sodomites call it. Our goal is for Oromia to take over Ethiopia and lead Eastern Africa, as I have stated in my speeches during my first year in office. To achieve this, we must use this opportunity to crush these cursed Semites and liberate the land of Kush. As previously mentioned, our special Oromia forces are fully armed, even better than the National Defense Force. Additionally, all leadership and command positions within the National Defense Force are under our control, reducing the influence of Orthodox Oromo Generals.

We have recently removed some individuals from critical positions, and we need to remain vigilant of Amhara generals since they may act similarly to the Tigreans. The Oromia Special Forces are currently integrating with the National Defense Force, and it will not be long before the Ethiopian National Force becomes the Oromia Special Force. We have drafted a resolution to disarm all regional Special Forces, except for Oromia, as they face unique challenges from Shene/OLA.”

Once ratified into law, the implementation of the disarmament will commence with the Amhara Special Force and Militia. It is crucial to disarm the Amhara as soon as possible to ensure the safety of Oromia and Tigray. Ratification of the draft may take between 6 to 8 weeks, but it should not take longer than that. Meanwhile, we will begin operations to locate and eliminate

Fano leaders, trainers, and potential leaders. We have already apprehended and detained over

23,000 Fano and former military veterans in the region. Additionally, we have individuals within

the Amhara Intelligence system and leadership who work for us. Some of them are recruited

from Agew and Kimant to represent the Amharas but trained by the TPLF to weaken the Amhara

from within. Abeb Geresu and Kenea (supporting each other’s idea contributed the following

points) We have people in Amhara Intelligence system and leadership who work for us. Some are

recruited from Agew and kimant to represent Amharas but trained by TPLF to weaken Ahara

from inside.

In 1991 many TPLF officials were against including the Tigray’s Agew in to Amhara region but

Meles was clear that without Agew in Amhara region it would difficult to find a leader from the

Amhara that would collaborate with the TPLF. The strategy is the same for the prosperity Party.

You all know the Amhara military and political leadership must be controlled by Sema Turuneh

and Abenaw.

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Now they are on our pay role and working for us. We gave them lands in Finfine and some incentives to keep them within our circle of interest. They have no choice but serving our cause because they are deep in corruption and committed a lot of crime.

The Tegarus are no longer considered a threat to us; they will eventually become trusted servants in the growing Oromuma movement. Our aim is for the TPLF to keep the Amhara in check, while we want the Amharas to halt the Tegarus. For now, we need to temporarily align with Western interests until we resolve matters with the Amhara and Eritrea.

The TPLF is not a threat. They have left few energies to fight the Amharas and Eritrea and die. It is currently led by incompetent individuals after the death of Meles, and it will eventually self- destruct once we instigate fights between them and the Amhara and Eritrea. Please be aware that this is highly confidential information. Even in the Amhara regions, we should position our Special Forces in National Defense Force and Federal Police Force uniforms. We have made some mistakes in the past, but we have recently identified and corrected them. We found out that some Orthodox Oromos of the Showa who were officers have leaked information and cannot be trusted when it comes to Orthodox matters. They are Gobena’s children, cannot be trested about the Orthodox issue.

I have some confidential information that we need to keep to ourselves. I want to warn everyone not to trust Guji and Borna Oromos in our project, at least until we finish with Amhara, Tigray, and Eritrea. Guji and Borana are not entirely convinced to support our vision of a new country. It is surprising that these marginalized pastoralists have a strong attachment to old Ethiopia and are hesitant to back our initiatives. They complain and protest because they have soft spot for old Ethiopia, except for a few educated youngsters we have mobilized for the project. Some of the Aba Gedas are Orthodox Christians, and we have tried to replace them. Unfortunately, some of them were eliminated by local cadres. Therefore, we must not allow Guji, Borena, and Showa to be part of the power structure or get involved to leak the information. They believe that all the Shakiso’s Gold belongs to them alone.

To establish a robust Oromo military power, we need to train the Qero (Oromo organized youth) with basic military training and prepare them as a standing force. However, we will not provide

them with ammunition as they may be exploited by Shene and Jawar if they have access to guns.

During the final war with the TPLF, we recaptured thousands of weapons and other military equipment. Rather than handing them over to the Defense Force, we utilized them for the Oromia Special Force and Qero training. We can arm the Qero when necessary. Armed Qero will suffice for the Gamo, Komso, Wolaita, Gurage, Bench, and other ethnic minorities who align themselves with Amhara and consider themselves part of the Ethiopian spirit. Qero can be armed at the right time.

It is widely known that the United States and Europe are in Ukraine to weaken Russia due to

cultural and the Orthodox religious differences. They may be pleased the action we are taking

against the Orthodox and Amharas. Their support for us is evident from their lack of response to

the situation in Oromia and their focus on Tigray. They also ignore the shouting of Amharas who

claim to be victims of genocide. They send aid to Tigray without our government’s request.

Additionally, they give special attention to the TPLF. As I mentioned before, a high-ranking

member of a Western delegation once said in a meeting, ‘Finish off the Amhara; they are


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I understand that sharing this bold statement with the wider team may be challenging, but it indicates that we have support from various countries. Specifically, the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Norway are on our side. Additionally, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, and UAE are supporting our actions due to their economic and political interests. It is important to know that the Western countries have no religion or friend except geopolitical dominance and interests in Africa. Finally they are realizing we are the only alternative in the region. TPLF is dead.

We need to engage with the US to access their resources until we establish our dominance in East Africa as a united Oromo. However, we should also be mindful that there will be some countries and human rights organizations that may criticize our actions and draw attention to the world. Nevertheless, they are not to support the Amharas or Orthodox as their loyal servants of TPLF.

When we defeated the TPLF, the US realized that TPLF is no longer a viable alternative to us. That is why they try to be friend with us. They no more talk about genocide, ICC and all the other crap. I have told them Tigray with only 38 votes in the parliament, they will remain a minority forever and have no choice but to become our ally (the word used Agar, which the TPLF use for minorities). When we took power, we could have stopped the disruption of supply through Amhara region within a day. We let the anarchy rain over the Tigray so that the Tigray and Amhara see each other. The supply and transportation of people went through Afar and the Amhara were happy because they have no people to think. Let me tell you, Tigray cannot become a separate country as it lacks resources, access to the sea, and has big enemies like Eritrea and Amhara. They may hope to have access throw Sudan, but we will arm the Amharas to make that route impossible. I know the Tegede and Humera people, and if they are armed, they will fight TPLF forever. We used Tegede and Amhara to bring the arrogant TPLF and we will use angary TPLF to deflate the Amharas. At that point, the TPLF will have no choice ask for Federal protection and become a servant to the Oromo force as they did to us. It’s payback time.” Let’s focus on to stop the unity of the three groups we have worked so hard to create a condition

for mutual destruction of the three groups. We need to be careful not to let the gains we have

made slip away. Some Oromo activists don’t understand our strategy and we need to be cautious

about sharing our plans with them. We lack discipline and some are making noise about the

displacement and death of people in Wollega, Arisi, Finifine, and other places. While we talk

peace and protection, we also need to teach others that we are under attack while we are on

offensive. We have encountered Oromo youths and political figures who accept news and

propaganda wholeheartedly and criticize us. We need to continue our efforts and bring our

enemies to their knees. We can expand to the Red Sea, Metema to Kenya to bring the Oromos of

Kenya and other Kushetic people. It is our prosperity and strength that will force them to join..

Let’s ensure that all four task forces and the intelligence team have sufficient budget. General-,

please update me on the progress of disarming Fano and Amhara militia and what should be

done next. I apologize that our last strategy was leaked to the media, causing a delay of a month.

Let’s tighten things up this time and investigate any potential holes in our team. Anyone who has a relation to the Orthodox Church, Tigray, or Amhara and is suspected of leaking information

should be dismissed immediately.

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