Updates of the fighting  that going on in the Amhara region Ethiopia

Mekelle:  29 February 2024 (Tigray Herald)

Updates of the fighting  that going on in the Amhara region Ethiopia

📍one of the ENDF Commander that was leading the war in the Amhara region,  Addisu Mohammed has been killed. He was commanding entire division in Gojjam.

📍Outskirts of Bahir Dar city, Northern Gojam: There is intense fighting on the outskirts of Bahir Dar city.

📍In Mertu-Le-Mariam, Western Wello: There is intense fighting with Fano forces (Ephraim Atnafu battalion) & Oromo ENDF.

📍Gende Weyn, Central East Gojam: There is intense fighting going on, with Fano forces (Samuel Aweke battalion) capturing 83 Oromo ENDF soldiers.

📍In Dangela, Western Gojam: Fano forces surrounded the Oromo ENDF camp.

📍Amora Gedel, Guna, Southern Gonder: There is intense fighting in close quarters and hand-to-hand combat between Fano forces and Oromo ENDF.

📍In Fogeta, Western Gojam: Fano forces have encircled an Oromo ENDF battalion and its PMPA tank.

📍Machakel, Southwestern Gojam: Fano forces control part of the town, with intense fighting going on the outskirts of the city.

📍Mota, Gojam: Fano forces control the town after inflicting losses on Oromo ENDF soldiers.

📍Kuarit, Central Gojam: Fano forces still control the town after defeating the Oromo ENDF. There is sporadic gunfire.

📍Mota, Gojam: Oromo ENDF colonel Shegaw Hunegnaw has joined Fano forces.

📍In Wereta, Southern Gonder: Fano forces ambush Oromo ENDF soldiers & Amhara militias, killing and injuring several soldiers.

📍In Northern Shewa: Fano forces (Anbesaw battalion) capture 12 Amhara spies who were working for Oromo ENDF.

📍In Shinga, Western Gonder: Oromo ENDF are deploying Qimant terrorists (QLF) terrorists to fight Fano forces

📍Abiy is sending more reinforcements to Gojam as war intensifies in the region.

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