call to action for all European Union member states to address the grave injustices faced by Eritrean citizens residing within our borders.

Mekelle:  9 March 2024 (Tigray Herald)

By Yerega Yaecobe

Dear Esteemed Members of the European Union,

We write to you with a sense of urgency and moral obligation regarding the recent exemplary decision taken by the Norwegian Parliament concerning the transnational repression of Eritreans, including illegal activities within European states. The Norwegian Parliament’s bold stance serves as a beacon of hope and a call to action for all European Union member states to address the grave injustices faced by Eritrean citizens residing within our borders.

The Norwegian Parliament’s decision highlights the insidious tactics employed by the Eritrean dictatorship to exert control over its diaspora, including the imposition of a 2% tax on their income, coercion to attend militarized festivals, and indoctrination of children into the regime’s ideologies. Such practices are not only a violation of basic human rights but also a direct affront to the principles of democracy and freedom that we hold dear in the European Union.

We must heed the Norwegian Parliament’s call to action and take concrete steps to combat transnational repression and illegal activities perpetrated by supporters of the Eritrean dictator within our own borders. This includes but is not limited to addressing issues such as human trafficking, money laundering, and the exploitation of democratic systems.

To this end, we urge all European Union member states to consider the following actions:

Halt the imposition of the 2% tax on Eritrean citizens residing within our territories, which directly funds Eritrea’s repressive regime and its military endeavors.
Take measures to prevent the transfer of state subsidies from churches in our countries to Asmara, where dissenting voices are silenced and religious freedom is undermined.
Recognize the so-called “festivals” organized by the Eritrean regime for what they truly are: propaganda tools used to suppress dissent and promote the agenda of the dictatorship. Local authorities and organizations must refrain from providing venues for such events.
It is imperative that we stand in solidarity with the Eritrean people and work collectively to dismantle the mechanisms of repression and exploitation that continue to plague their lives. By adopting the Norwegian Parliament’s exemplary decision and implementing robust measures to counter transnational repression, we can send a clear message that Europe will not tolerate the abuse of human rights within its borders.

We call upon all European Union member states to prioritize this issue and demonstrate our unwavering commitment to upholding democracy, human rights, and the rule of law.


human right activist based in Europe’s

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