Concerns and Assessments Regarding Upcoming Federal Government-Tigray Authorities Meeting

Mekelle:  9 March 2024 (Tigray Herald)

By Yerega Yaecobe

Strong Reminder Alert: Urgent Attention Required

Concerns and Assessments Regarding Upcoming Federal Government-Tigray Authorities Meeting

As we prepare for the crucial meeting between the Federal Government and Tigray authorities, it is imperative to underscore the gravity of the situation and the indispensable need for adherence to established peace agreements, notably the Pretoria peace agreement and the Nairobi deal.

1. Upholding Constitutional Orders:
The foundation of lasting peace rests upon the strict adherence to federal constitutional orders. The pre-war status quo, territorial integrity, and administrative structure of Tigray must be fully restored without any alterations. This is not negotiable, as it forms the bedrock for sustainable peace in the region.

2. Accountability for Crimes Against Humanity:
The atrocities committed in Western Tigray Zone cannot go unpunished. The relentless campaign of ethnic cleansing, genocide, and other heinous acts perpetrated by security forces and militias from neighboring regions must be met with full accountability. Individuals responsible, including Col. Demeke Zewdu and Belay Ayalew, must be held accountable for their egregious crimes.

3. Immediate Action Required:
The Ethiopian government must take immediate steps to halt these atrocities, grant access to humanitarian agencies, and support credible justice efforts to ensure accountability for grave crimes. The recent report detailing ongoing ethnic cleansing in Western Tigray Zone demands urgent and decisive action to prevent further suffering and loss of life.

4. Upholding Peace Agreements:
The upcoming meeting must prioritize the full implementation of the Pretoria Agreement and the Nairobi deal. Any attempts to deviate from these agreements, particularly concerning territorial autonomy and the rights of the Tigray Regional government, must be vehemently opposed. The sovereignty and rights of all regional states, including Tigray, must be respected and upheld.

5. Preparing for Contingencies:
In light of potential challenges and obstacles in the upcoming discussions, it is essential to be prepared for all eventualities.The
Tigray Regional Government and TPLF must assert their positions firmly, emphasizing the unconstitutional nature of any attempts to infringe upon their rights. Failure to do so risks further escalation of hostilities and jeopardizes the hard-won peace agreements.
The stakes are high, and the responsibilities are immense. We must remain vigilant, proactive, and unwavering in our commitment to peace, justice, and the protection of human rights. Let us collectively strive to ensure that the upcoming meeting paves the way for genuine reconciliation, accountability, and lasting peace in the Horn of Africa

The following demands must be made from #TigraySide in the specified order during the upcoming meeting with the mediators.

1) The Ethiopian regime must publicly instruct the Amhara and Eritrean forces, which it invited to invade Tigray when the war started, to immediately evacuate the Tigray territories.

2) The Ethiopian Federal Government must officially announce the restoration of constitutional order and status quo ante and the return of the territories to the rightful owners; the people of Tigray and its national regional government.

3) The Tigray Regional security forces shall take full responsibility for safeguarding the security of the territories.

4) All internally displaced people and those seeking refuge in foreign countries shall return to their homes.

5) The Interim Administration of Tigray shall establish local interim administrations through elections with the full and direct participation of the residents. With that completed, the Interim Administration of Tigray will fully handle the resumption of basic services, administration, and security duties.

6) The Federal Defence Forces’ unconstitutional mandate to oversee the territories resulting from the Pretoria Ceasefire Agreement shall cease completely, and full control shall be transferred to the Tigray Interim Regional Administration.

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