“The Silence of the International Community: A Complicity in Ethiopia’s Tigray Genocide

Mekelle:  10 March 2024 (Tigray Herald)

By Yerga Yaecobe

“The Silence of the International Community: A Complicity in Ethiopia’s Tigray Genocide

In the wake of the devastating atrocities perpetrated against the people of Tigray, Ethiopia, under the guise of “transitional justice,” the deafening silence of the international community begs a poignant question: Why?

Ethiopia’s Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed Ali, stands accused of orchestrating a campaign of terror that has resulted in the deaths of over a million Tigrayans. Yet, amidst the cries for justice and accountability, the world remains eerily quiet.

Drawing parallels to history’s darkest moments, one cannot help but see the irony in allowing perpetrators to investigate their own crimes. Would we accept Putin investigating allegations against his soldiers in Ukraine, or Nazis probing the Holocaust they perpetrated?

Furthermore, the Hutus investigating the Rwandan genocide sends a chilling reminder of the dangers of impunity. How can we expect justice when the perpetrators hold the reins of power?

The reluctance of the West to acknowledge the Tigray genocide raises troubling questions about political expediency and moral bankruptcy. Are economic interests trumping human rights? Is strategic alliances clouding judgment?

As concerned citizens of a global community, we implore the Embassy of Canada, the Royal Norwegian Embassy, the British Embassy, the UN Human Rights Council, the Irish Foreign Ministry, the Embassy of the Netherlands, the U.S. Embassy, the German Embassy, as well as Senators Jim Risch and Ben Cardin, to break the silence and demand accountability for the atrocities committed in Tigray.

Let us not be complicit in the silence that emboldens tyrants and perpetuates suffering. The time for action is now, lest history judge us harshly for our inaction.

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