The Ethiopian Federal Government continues to violate the Pretoria Agreement and repeatedly provokes Tigray.

Mekelle:  29 March 2024 (Tigray Herald)

The Ethiopian Federal Government continues to violate the Pretoria Agreement and repeatedly provokes Tigray. We urge the Federal Government to reconsider and engage in a peaceful resolution instead.

Axumawian Media Network
29 March 2024
The Ethiopian Federal Government continues to violate the Pretoria Agreement and repeatedly provokes Tigray. We urge the Federal Government to reconsider and engage in a peaceful resolution instead.
On November 4, 2020, the Federal Government of Ethiopia, the Government of Eritrea, and the Amhara Region declared a genocidal war against the people of Tigray. On November 02, 2022, A cessation of hostilities agreement was signed between the federal government and the Tigray Peoples’ Liberation Front (TPLF). The agreement silenced the guns and ended a horrific two-year war that killed hundreds of thousands and forced millions to flee their home. The complex and one-sided peace agreement was never fully implemented nor monitored.
The Axumawian Media Network appreciates establishing lasting peace in the Horn of Africa and acknowledges the efforts of all parties involved in the ceasefire agreement. It remains deeply concerned by the ongoing death and suffering endured by the people of Tigray. Despite the ceasefire, the Pretoria Agreement has yet to be fully implemented, resulting in dire humanitarian consequences such as starvation among the Tigrayan population, exacerbated by governmental neglect. Instead of honoring its commitments under the Pretoria Agreement, the federal government’s actions continue exacerbating tensions.
The Amhara armed forces, alongside the federal government, have been implicated in atrocities against the residents of Southern and Western Tigray. Amhara militants persist in oppressing and executing Tigrayans in these regions, with evidence suggesting a deliberate effort to alter the demographics. These egregious acts continue even after the signing of the Pretoria agreement, under the apparent observation of the federal government.
According to the Pretoria Agreement, the Tigray territorial sovereignty was to be restored based on the Federal Ethiopian Constitution. The invading Amhara and Eritrea forces were to withdraw from Tigrayan territories. The displaced Tigrayans were to return to their homes. However, neither the Pretoria Treaty nor the Constitution has been upheld. On the contrary, the Amhara Special Forces in violation of the constitution and Tigray sovereignty have drawn that incorporates the Territories of Tigray in Amhara Region. This is a blatant provocation, tantamount to declaring war. Regrettably, the Ethiopian government’s failure to intervene against this aggression suggests tacit support for these actions, exacerbating tensions.
We thus express our grave concerns to the international community.
The Tigrayan population who are characterized by their deep desire for peace despite enduring serious crimes and the loss of life and property, have exhausted their patience. The continued coercion by the Ethiopian government will undoubtedly provoke another war of devastating consequences.
Therefore, we are concerned that the repeated violations of the Pretoria Agreement and the Ethiopian Constitution by the Federal Government are a deliberate conspiracy to force conflict between the people of Tigray and Amhara.
We urge the Ethiopian Federal Government, the Tigray Interim Administration, the international community, international human rights organizations, international civil society, peace-seeking peoples of Ethiopia, and Tigray civil and political organizations to implement the following points to prevent a devastative war and ultimate regional destruction.

• The Ethiopian government and its allies should refrain from committing acts that provoke war.

• The federal government institutions should cease biases and favoritism in dealing with members of the federation which violates the constitution.

• The Pretoria agreement should be fully implemented. Executing a referendum without the election of an official government in the Tigray Region will only complicate matters and will not bring lasting peace. The constitutional state of Tigray must be restored.

• We call on the mediators who played a significant role in the Pretoria Peace Agreement to continue with the responsibilities they were tasked with until permanent peace is assured.

• We call on Tigray civil and political organizations at home in the diaspora and on the international community to respond to the Famine in Tigray and to fight together to return the displaced people to their homes.
6, We urge International human rights organizations to continue to pressure the Ethiopian Government to halt its harassment of the people of Tigray and allow peace.

• To the peace-seeking peoples of Ethiopia; Especially the Amhara elites, the people of Tigray and Amhara people will live together as neighbors forever. We implore you to cease sowing seeds of hatred, instead promote peaceful coexistence.
In conclusion, the Axumawian Media Network urges everyone to learn from the past. Abiy Ahmed’s war on Tigray has devastated the region and the entire country. An alternative, democratizing Tigray and championing peace could have stabilized the Horn of Africa. While we commend the efforts and struggles for peace and democracy of the Tigray elites, we strongly object to the Ethiopian Federal Government’s destructive and divisive efforts.

Source፡Axumawian Media Network
March 29, 2024

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  1. The country /Ethiopia/ lacks a peaceful resolution experience for all internal disputes throughout its history. Take the 70 years old #OLA movement, still incomplete. The #Eritrean 30 years old war for independency finally achieved and fled as their desire. The 17 years old civil war between #Dergue and #TPLF completed in defeat as usual and caused to #Mengistu’s fled the country.
    Finally the #Tigray war declared in November 2020 to kneel #Tigray and its people as a revenge for the previous repeatedly defeats using all possible options including inviting foreign forces from #Eritrea and #Somalia to a final and lasting damage on the region and the people with in three week as indicated by the PM.
    After two years of its best trial, the international community / #USA, #EU & #AU / enforced it to sit on a table and sign the #COHA. It actually was a scissors to cut the genocidal alliance of the combination and caused to be aborted their long term plan of creating a #Tegarufree nation and horn.

    #COHA is actually successful to implement the #AU’s beautifull slogan of “silencing the gun” ignoring the Ethiopian silence killings using its own made famine and other forms of systematic genocide till to reach the tip.

    The country is following the only victory or defeat options based on its history.

    It still is incubating issues. The internal conflicts in #Amhara and #oromia regions, the port cases from #Eritrea and #Somalia are some. None of them are with alternate resolutions.

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