The responsible body is of course Abiy Ahmed’s regime sponsored killing squad named “Qore Negega”.

Mekelle:  11 April 2024 (Tigray Herald)

The United States joins @EthioHRC and others in calling for a full investigation into the killing of Batte Urgessa.  Justice and accountability are critical for breaking the cycle of violence.

Following the killing of Batte Urgessa, who was a member of the opposition Oromo Liberation Front, @EthioHRC calls for a prompt, impartial & full investigation by both the #Oromia regional & #Ethiopia federal authorities to hold perpetrators to account.

Some source reveals that he was killed by Koree Nageenyaa, led by AbiyAhmedAli, Shimelis, and Awelu.

Reuters has revealed that this group is a pro assassin. And it is believed that Gen. Asaminew, Gen. sa’are, Gen Ge’zae, Engr. Simegnew, Comm’r Abere, Artist Hachalu & others were killed by this group.

Ethiopia does not have a Gov it’s ruled by PP gangsters . I don’t think anyone should expect those gangsters will investigate the killing of the OLF politician, no doubt in my mind they killed him themselves as they did so many already. So you can’t ask to get justice from them.

Including the chief of staf General Seare mekonen and Several high profile individuals as well as civilians have been assassinated.

The responsible body is of course Abiy Ahmed’s regime sponsored killing squad named “Qore Negega”.

The head of this killer organization is Abiy Ahmed and chief executive officer is Oromia regional state head Shimelis Abidisa. The nation is run by thugs. International community continue to give two line statements but never followed up with action. Some political analysis recommendation is would be full investigation should be conducted by a neutral body such as UN led commission.

In this regard some people asks Why US EU still support Ethiopia?

“Given the huge systematic & structural forces that have been mobilized against Oromo people & its peoplehood, facing complete erasure, survival itself is a revolutionary act.” Freedom is a Must.

Ethiopia’s tragic path since 2018 has been strewn with assassinations and political killings. Not one has been properly or fully explained, and nobody ever credibly held to account. Here is the latest in a long, sorry line of them.

Batte Urgessa, a prominent opposition figure with the Oromo Liberation Front party, was assassinated yesterday in his hometown, Meki.

Sources said Batte was moved out of his hotel room and killed, and later his body was discovered on the side of a road.

The late Batte was known for his concise and composed speeches.

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