The Tigray Development Association (TDA) has launch a school feeding program to address the widespread hunger crisis in Tigray.

Mekelle:  13 April 2024 (Tigray Herald)

The Tigray Development Association (TDA) will start a feeding program next week to address the widespread hunger crisis in Tigray.

Unlocking Potential, Feeding Hope: Join TDA’s

Journey in Tigray!

Dear Diaspora, Social Media Influencers, Business Leaders, andInternational Donors,

In every child lies a universeuntapped potential. Together, let’signite the spark of possibility by supporting TDA’s school feedinginitiatives in Tigray. Our collective efforts can transform hunger into

nourishment, despair into opportunity, and adversity into resilience.As the heartbeats of our communities, we have the power to shape abrighter tomorrow. Let’s unite our voices, resources, and passion toensure that every child in Shire, Abergele, Endamehoni, and beyondreceives the sustenance they need to thrive. Together, we can nourishminds, ignite dreams, and pave the way for angeneration ofchangemakers.

Join us in harnessing the boundless potential within every child.Together, we can turn the tide of hunger and despair into a wave ofhope and possibility.

Together,we can make a difference.

#FeedTheFuture #TigrayStrong #HopeInAction”

Harvest of Hope through TDA’s School Feeding Initiative across Tigray schools

In the rugged terrain of Tigray, nestled among the hills and valleys, lay more than 600 schools spread across 36 woredas. Within these schools, over 200,000 children embarked on their educational journeys each day, eager to learn and grow. Yet, their path was about to be obscured by a looming threat-hunger.

As the specter of famine cast its shadow over the region, families struggled to put food on the table. The once vibrant communities were now grappling with scarcity, and the children bore the brunt of this harsh reality. With empty stomachs and dwindling energy, their enthusiasm for learning waned, and the classrooms echoed with the rumblings of hunger.

Recognizing the urgent need to address this crisis, the Tigrai Development Association sprang into action. It initiated a bold plan to implement school feeding programs across the region. The aim was not only to alleviate hunger but also to ensure that education remained a beacon of hope amidst adversity.

With the support of local communities and international NGOs such as Luminos Fund in Endamehoni and SNV in Shire, the TDA’s school feeding initiatives gained momentum. Nutritious meals were provided to over 6,000 children, nourishing both their bodies and minds. The once empty classrooms began to fill with laughter and chatter as children eagerly awaited their daily meals.

However, the impact of the feeding program extended beyond satiating hunger. As the children received proper nourishment, their concentration improved, and their academic performance soared. Teachers noticed a remarkable transformation in their students-the lethargy gave way to enthusiasm, and the classrooms buzzed with newfound energy.

Moreover, the school feeding program didn’t just benefit the children; it also had a ripple effect on the entire community. Parents, relieved of the burden of providing daily meals, could focus on other essential needs. Families began to see education as a pathway out of poverty, investing more in their children’s future.

As word spread of the positive changes sweeping across Tigray, over 6,000 children who had previously dropped out of school due to hunger-related issues returned to their classrooms. With renewed hope and determination, they embraced the opportunity to learn and thrive.

Through the collective efforts of the Tigrai Development Association, local communities, and international support, what began as a crisis evolved into a story of resilience and empowerment. In the face of adversity, the children of Tigray found solace in education and nourishment, paving the way for a brighter future for generations to come.

Donate to 1111 digitally at Wegagen & Lion International Bank & in person to CBE: 1000015314579;  LIB:  00310129057-64; &  Wegagen: 0770075230101

Thank you for your cooperation and support!

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