Some 842 Ethiopians Imprisoned in Saudi Arabia Repatriated Home

Mekelle:  14 April 2024 (Tigray Herald)

Some 842 Ethiopians Imprisoned in Saudi Arabia Repatriated Home

The Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced today that a total of 842 Ethiopian citizens, who had been imprisoned in Saudi Arabia, have been successfully repatriated today in two rounds of flights.

In a step towards citizen-oriented diplomacy, the third phase of repatriating approximately 70,000 undocumented Ethiopian citizens detained in Saudi Arabian prisons has commenced.

Foreign Affairs Spokesperson, Nebyu Tedla revealed that a national committee comprising 16 government institutions had been assembled to initiate the repatriation process.

According to him, this committee has been engaging with high-ranking Saudi Arabian government officials since last week to seek their cooperation and support.

Nebyu further stated that twelve flights will be scheduled each week over the next four months, solely dedicated to bringing back undocumented Ethiopian citizens detained in jails across Saudi Arabia.

Today marked the beginning of this massive undertaking, as 842 individuals held in prisons and detention centers in Saudi Arabia were successfully repatriated to Ethiopia in two separate rounds.

The Ethiopian government has repatriated over 50,000 Ethiopians from various countries, including Saudi Arabia, Gulf nations, and other African states in the last 9 months.


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