Army Chief Calls for Peaceful Restoration of Tigray Territories

Mekelle:  16 April 2024 (Tigray Herald)

Tigray, Federal Government Recognize the Necessity to Dismantle Amhara Administration in Occupied Territories, says Tigray IRA Deputy Tadesse Werede (Gen.)

Briefing the media earlier today, Tadesse Werede(Gen.), Tigray IRA Deputy, states that the federal government and Tigray IRA have reached into an agreement on the need to dismantle administrations established by Amahara forces in Western Tigray, Tselemti and some parts of Southern Tigray under occupation.

He said “the first step is to disband armed groups in the areas and dismantle the unconstitutional administrations established”

“The restoration of the justice system will also follow” he added.

The General highlighted that the armed groups are disrupting the process including engaging on some skirmish with federal forces.

He stated that the Pretoria agreement would be implemented in a manner that prevents the resurgence of conflict.

In separate statement, Tigray Interim Administration President Getachew Reda stated development in southern Tigray is neither a conflict between Tigray and federal government nor between Tigray and Amhara.

“This is the work of diehard enemies of the Pretoria agreement trying to take advantage
of  real or perceived differences to derail the rather cordial engagement both parties to the Pretoria agreement are making  round the clock to make the Agreement work.” He wrote on his X account late Monday.

“Our two sides are now convening in Addis to address challenges & build on commonalities. It’s not entirely implausible to believe that this will indeed yield results- & positive ones. Despite battlecries from the usual anti-Pretoria quarters from near or afar to resort to Saber-rattling as their preferred path, peace/talking is the only game in town!” He added.

The Deputy President also reaffirms peace as a strategic choice of the Tigray administration.

It’s to be recalled that the Pretoria agreement stipulated that the all contentions including territory shall be solved according the constitution.

Source፡Tigray television

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