As the world commemorates World Heritage Day, it’s a significant moment that demands our unwavering focus.

Mekelle:  19 April 2024 (Tigray Herald)

As the world commemorates World Heritage Day, it’s a significant moment that demands our unwavering focus. Today, we contemplate the cultural wonders gracing Ethiopia’s landscape, each site narrating tales of resilience, ingenuity, and historical importance.

Firstly, let’s pay homage to the majestic Axum obelisks, standing as stoic symbols of an ancient civilization’s grandeur. Then, let’s marvel at the exquisite craftsmanship showcased in the Lalibela hewn churches, where every chisel mark signifies unwavering faith and architectural excellence.

Yet, the legacy extends beyond, with numerous hewn churches adorning Ethiopia’s terrain, including Abraha Wa Atsibaha Monastery, Gerea’lta Monastery, Atsbi Monastery, Wuqir Church around Seqota, and Midrekebd Abo in Gurage Zone, each with its unique narrative, each carving a tribute to human creativity and dedication.

As we journey through history, the Harar Jugol historical wall calls out, its ancient stones murmuring tales of trade, culture, and the passage of time. Alongside, the Halal wall stands as a testament to the region’s resilience, its imposing presence safeguarding the city’s heritage.

Further exploration leads us to the towering steles of Tiya, rising from the earth like ancient sentinels, their mysterious aura yet to be fully deciphered. And in Gedio, Sidama, and beyond, a rich tapestry of heritage unfurls, each strand painting a vivid picture of Ethiopia’s diverse cultural mosaic.

The Cave of Sof Omar, uniquely curved by nature, adds to this rich tapestry, while the majestic mosque of Dire Sheikh Hussen in Bale, palaces like Emperor Fesiledes’ in Gonder, Emperor Yohannis In Mekele, Emperor Minilk’s in Addis Ababa, The palace of Aba Jifar in Jima, and the grand hall named Ayiteyef, stand as testament to the grandeur of Ethiopia’s historical architecture.

On this World Heritage Day, let’s not only celebrate these treasures but also commit to preserving and safeguarding them for future generations, ensuring that their narratives continue to inspire and enrich the fabric of human history.

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