Kenyan Leaders attend General Ogolla’s memorial service at Ulinzi Sports Complex

Mekelle:  20 April 2024 (Tigray Herald)

Kenyan Leaders attend General Ogolla’s memorial service at Ulinzi Sports Complex

The statement of the president William Ruto is as fotlllows.

It is most unfortunate that the helicopter crash has robbed this nation of fine and dedicated patriots whose ability, professionalism and selfless dedication were self-evident. As a result, the Kenya Defence Forces has lost highly promising officers who still had so much to contribute to the strength, security and glory of our country, together with their leader and commander, General Francis Ogolla.

Over the course of my life in public service, I have had the privilege to meet, interact and work with many outstanding men and women whose achievements and visions represent the best of what Kenya has to offer. I am proud to bear witness that General Francis Ogolla stood head and shoulders among the finest of these exemplary public servants. It has been an extraordinary privilege to work closely with him, to benefit from his wisdom, experience and insights, and to witness him in action, serving his nation with admirable commitment and  providing excellent command leadership of the Kenya Defence Forces. I am aware that off-duty, General Ogolla was involved in various services for the benefit of the community, including youth motivation and guidance.

I know that I have already said, and want to say again, that his death is a painful loss to me personally. This is a man I had come to admire very much, one of the best appointments I have made as President.  I am certain that I share this profound sorrow with  the people of Kenya, and especially those who knew him. I take meagre comfort in knowing that General Ogolla, a veteran commander, airman and soldier,  fell in the course of duty, doing what he loved most: Leading his gallant officers to restore order and tranquillity in a deeply troubled part of the country.

There is something profound that the General’s life and work teaches us all, and especially those of us called upon to serve the people of Kenya in various capacities. Every day, he demonstrated in his work that his priority was our nation and its people, that he was privileged to have the opportunity to serve and was therefore obligated to do his very best. We do not get many chances to do our best. Neither do we know the day nor the hour of our passing. We have  one lifetime and one nation to serve, and we must give our very best always.

To the General’s family: You are a reflection of the General’s strength, grace and serenity even in the most difficult of times. You have comforted us when we should be comforting you, and encouraged us when we should be encouraging you. In each of you, we glimpse General Ogolla‚Äôs best qualities, and know that his spirit lives even though physically he is no longer with us. Thank you for this miraculous example, and may God be with you, bless and comfort you all in a special way according to His divine will.

On behalf of the people and the government of Kenya, I send a message of condolence to the families of all the officers we have lost. We are with you in thought and prayer, and ask the Almighty God to grant you solace as you come to terms with this loss.

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