Compilation of Post-Treaty Events in Southern Tigray Region.

Mekelle:  21 April 2024 (Tigray Herald)

By Yerga Yaecobe

Compilation of Post-Treaty Events in Southern Tigray Region, Ethiopia: Towards Tigray Genocide Justice and Accountability


Following the signing of the Pretoria Peace Agreement, which aimed to mitigate conflict in the Tigray region of Ethiopia involving the Amhara militia, the situation in Southern Tigray has deteriorated significantly. This document presents a compilation of events that have occurred post-agreement, highlighting instances of theft, violence, and human rights abuses.

Events Summary:

Electric Transformers Theft:

Over 12 electric transformers have been stolen, disrupting infrastructure and essential services in Southern Tigray.
Food Supply Theft:

More than 200 quintals of grain food supply have been stolen, exacerbating food insecurity in the region.
Financial Losses:

Over 100 million Ethiopian birr has been reported stolen, causing economic hardship for the affected communities.
Government Offices Theft:

Over 10 government offices have been looted, hindering administrative operations and public services.
Property Theft:

More than 1500 households and hotels have been subjected to theft, resulting in loss of property and livelihoods.
Gold Jewelry Theft:

Over 500 grams of gold jewelry have been stolen, depriving individuals of their valuable possessions.
Aid Misappropriation:

Unacceptable aid food meant for humanitarian assistance has been stolen, depriving vulnerable populations of essential resources.
Loss of Lives:

Tragically, over 150 people have lost their lives as a result of violence and conflict in Southern Tigray.
Ethnic Targeting and Imprisonment:

More than 200 individuals have been imprisoned solely based on their ethnicity, violating their fundamental rights.
Sexual Violence:

Regrettably, over 3 women have been victims of sexual violence, highlighting the grave humanitarian crisis and the urgent need for intervention.

The events outlined above illustrate the grave humanitarian crisis unfolding in Southern Tigray, Ethiopia. The widespread theft, violence, and human rights abuses demand immediate attention from the international community to ensure justice, accountability, and the protection of human rights. Efforts towards Tigray genocide justice and accountability must be intensified to address the ongoing atrocities and to provide relief and support to the affected populations.

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