In response to the recent News article by The thereporterethiopia

In response to the recent News article by The thereporterethiopia

“Our Commission is currently finalizing a comprehensive report that delves into the latest developments and insights gleaned from our analysis of assembled economic data, sub-structural dynamics, ecological assessments, and natural resource evaluations. Additionally, we are diligently preparing a special report focusing on the human toll of the tragic war and compiling enhanced data on atrocities committed since the Pretoria Agreement. This endeavor underscores our commitment to thorough documentation and advocacy for justice.

Ensuring the holistic recovery of Tigray is a paramount objective of our Commission. This includes advocating for the recognition and redress of damages and disasters endured by the people of Tigray. To achieve this, collaboration with key stakeholders such as the World Bank, UNDP, and development partners and the Ministry of Finance is essential to secure financial support for reconstruction and compensation efforts. The Tigray Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Office (RRO), operating under the Interim Administration of Tigray, is actively engaged in partnerships with the World Bank and the Ministry of Finance Ethiopia to facilitate these crucial endeavors.

Hence, the Tigray Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Office assumes a pivotal role in directly overseeing reconstruction efforts and collaborating closely with the federal government. Within this framework, the Commission remains steadfast in providing ongoing support, including sharing insights gleaned from the Tigray Rehabilitation and Reconstruction office’s findings and offering technical assistance to the office. It’s important to note that there are no alterations to its mandate or structure of the Commission amidst these collaborative efforts.”

In recent days, there has been a proliferation of distorted information regarding the CITG circulating in various media and on social platforms. For instance, an article published in The Reporter on April 12, 2016, “the Commission of Inquiry on Tigray Genocide had received federal recognition and commenced cooperation with the federal government and the World Bank” We wish to clarify that our commission does not have the authority to directly engage in such interactions with the federal government, which rather is the mandate of the Tigray Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Office, and it is inaccurate to frame the news report by The Reporter that implies omission of our investigative efforts regarding human rights atrocities and sexual harassment committed. Cognizant of this, we are committed to ensuring transparency and accountability in our work, and we will take corrective action to address any misinformation. The voices and testimonies of the people of Tigray remain at the forefront of our mission, and we are diligently working to compile a comprehensive report to shed light on the realities on the ground.

In conclusion, we express our gratitude for the unwavering support and interest shown by countless Tigrayans and our cause supporters. Rest assured, we remain steadfast in our pursuit of justice and understanding, all while upholding our professional independence. We urge all Tigrayans and right advocates to actively engage in endeavors aimed at securing justice and accountability in the aftermath of economic challenges, environmental concerns, and the restoration of Tigray’s well- being. Together, let us work towards the reconstruction and healing of Tigray in the days ahead.

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