Psychiatrist Hideki Wada published a book called “80-Year-Old Wall” in March this year.

Mekelle:  30 April 2024 (Tigray Herald)

Psychiatrist Hideki Wada published a book called “80-Year-Old Wall” in March this year.
As soon as the book was released, sales exceeded 500,000 copies, becoming the best-selling book at the moment. If it continues at this rate, sales of this book will exceed 1 million copies, making it the best-selling book in Japan this year.
Dr. Wada, 61, is a doctor specializing in mental illnesses in the elderly. In the past 35 years, he has treated about 6,000 patients.
To sum up the book “80-Year-Old Wall” in one sentence, it is “an ode to 80-year-olds.”
Specifically, this book tells 80-year-olds how to live to 100 in good health in the context of the “100-year-old” era.
Currently, the “average healthy life expectancy” (the age at which one is physically and mentally independent and healthy) of Japanese men is 72.68 years old and that of women is 75.38 years old. In terms of “average life expectancy”, Japanese men are 81.64 years old and women are 87.74 years old.
Subtracting “average healthy life expectancy” from “average life expectancy”, men have about 9 years and women have about 12 years of “time requiring care from others”. How to minimize this time is the core content of Dr. Wada’s masterpiece. 
According to this point of view, the elderly do not need to take sleeping pills frequently. It is a natural phenomenon that sleep time decreases with age, and no one will die from insomnia. 24 hours a day, sleep when you want to sleep, wake up when you want to wake up, this is the privilege of the elderly.
In addition, the cholesterol level that the elderly generally worry about is not a big deal even if it is high to a certain extent. Because cholesterol is the raw material for the human body to produce immune cells.
The more immune cells there are, the lower the risk of cancer in the elderly. In addition, part of male hormones is also composed of cholesterol. If the cholesterol level is too low, the physical and mental health of men will be unsustainable.
Similarly, it doesn’t matter if the blood pressure is high. More than 50 years ago, humans were generally malnourished. Therefore, when the blood pressure reaches about 150, the blood vessels will rupture. But now few people are malnourished, so even if the blood pressure exceeds 200, it will not cause blood vessels to rupture.
Dr. Wada summarized the secrets of 80-year-olds to become “lucky people” into “44 sentences”, as follows :
1. Keep walking
2. Take a deep breath when you feel irritated
3. Exercise to the extent that your body does not feel stiff
4. Drink more water when using the air conditioner in summer
5. “Diapers” are very helpful for increasing mobility
6. The more times you chew, the more energetic your body and brain will be
7. Memory loss is not due to aging, but to long-term disuse of the brain
8. There is no need to take a lot of medicine
9. There is no need to deliberately lower blood pressure and blood sugar levels
10. Being alone does not mean loneliness, but enjoying a relaxing time
11. Being lazy is not a shameful thing
12. No need to pay for a driver’s license (considering that it is more dangerous for the elderly to drive a motor vehicle, Japan has quietly started a movement to “ask the elderly to pay for their driver’s license”)
13. Do only what you like, not what you hate
14. You can still have sexual desire when you are old
15. No matter what, don’t stay at home all the time
16. Eat whatever you want, a slightly plump figure is just right
17. Do everything carefully
18. Don’t deal with people you hate
19. Don’t watch TV all the time
20. Instead of fighting the disease to the end, it is better to coexist with it
21. “There will always be a way out when the car reaches the mountain” is the magic spell that makes the elderly happy
22. Eat meat, especially cheap red meat is best
23. Keep the bath time within 10 minutes
24. Don’t force yourself if you can’t sleep
25. Doing happy things is most conducive to improving brain activity
26. Say whatever you want to say, don’t worry too much
27.Find a “family doctor” as soon as possible
28. Don’t be too patient or force yourself, there’s nothing wrong with being a “bad old man”
29. Sometimes it’s okay to change your words
30. Dementia in the last stage of life is a gift from God
31. Stop learning and you will get old
32. Don’t be greedy for glory, everything you have now is good enough
33. Innocence is the privilege of the elderly
34. The more troublesome things are, the more interesting they are
35. Sunbathing makes people happy
36. Do things that are good for others
37. Live leisurely today
38. Desire is the source of longevity
39. Live in an optimistic state
40. Breathe easily
41. The rules of life are in your own hands
42. Accept everything calmly
43. People with cheerful personalities are very popular
44. A smile brings good luck
Japanese, Chinese or other races may have different views on the above tips. But we have to admit that there are many suggestions worth considering
Most importantly, the new word “lucky age” is really great!
Even if there is no gain, I am sure that there will not be any pain.
Come on oldies let’s try👍

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