Explore opportunities to strengthen market linkages for Tigrayan farmers

Mekelle:  3 May 2024 (Tigray Herald)

Would be better if the following stakeholders will include?
Here are some suggestions and considerations for the consultative workshop:

Invite Additional Stakeholders: Expand the participant list to include key stakeholders such as the Tigray Biotechnology Centre, Relief Society of Tigray, Tigray Agricultural Research Institute, Tigray Science and Technology Bureau, and the Endowment Fund for Rehabilitation of Tigray. Involving a diverse group of organizations will enrich the discussions and foster collaborative strategies.
Focus on Post-Harvest Solutions: Dedicate a segment of the workshop to address post-harvest challenges, particularly focusing on recent issues like tomato losses in Tigray. Discuss the reasons behind the wastage and explore potential post-harvest market strategies to minimize losses and increase farmer incomes.
Enhance Collaboration with Tigray Farmers: Consider involving representatives from Tigray farmers’ associations or cooperatives to provide insights into on-ground challenges and gather grassroots perspectives on agricultural issues.
Promote Knowledge Sharing: Encourage knowledge exchange among participants, including Tigrayan scholars, professionals, and representatives from various bureaus and organizations. Facilitate discussions on innovative agricultural practices, technologies, and policies to enhance food security and livelihoods in the region.
Address Sustainable Agriculture: Emphasize the theme of moving agriculture towards saving lives and livelihoods, highlighting sustainable practices that benefit both farmers and the environment. Explore ways to integrate sustainable agricultural techniques into seasonal planning and priorities.
Create Actionable Strategies: Ensure that the workshop outcomes include actionable strategies and recommendations. Establish follow-up mechanisms to track progress and implementation of identified priorities.
Consider Market Linkages: Explore opportunities to strengthen market linkages for Tigrayan farmers, connecting them with potential buyers, processors, and value-added enterprises. This could include discussions on market infrastructure, value chain development, and market access policies.
By incorporating these suggestions into the workshop agenda, you can create a comprehensive and inclusive platform for discussing agricultural development priorities and solutions in Tigray.

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