OCHA has endorsed the ethnic cleansing and annexation of southern Tigray to Amhara region.

Mekelle:  3 May 2024 (Tigray Herald)

OCHA has endorsed the ethnic cleansing and annexation of southern Tigray to Amhara region.

We have seen them do the same with Western Tigray before. These places are crime scenes that will have to be thoroughly investigated.

Here is the false report of the southern Tigray currenrwnt situation reaveld 30 April 2024 by OCHA-Ethioia office.

Ethiopia: Flash Update #3: Displacement in North Wello and Wag Hamra Zones, Amhara Region (As of 30 April 2024)

IDPs for security reasons and IDPs are no longer sheltering there. On 25 April, IOM’s Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) team identified some 16,604 IDPs remaining in Kobo (of the 31,946 IDPs from Alamata and surrounding areas initially registered). The DTM team also confirmed the presence of 8,150 IDPs in Sekota Woreda and in Sekota City Administration, the majority of whom (96 per cent) are staying with host communities. The team has yet to verify the 8,327 people reported from Wag Hamra. The security situation in the area remains volatile.

Meanwhile, on 25 April, OCHA facilitated an inter-agency mission to Kobo Town and to Wajja primary school, including with representatives from zonal authorities. The mission witnessed thousands of IDPs receiving food assistance provided by the Government in Kobo, after which they returned to Wajja primary school. Humanitarian partners have also mobilized responses to the remaining IDPs, but the ongoing support is insufficient. Multi-sector and multi-agency humanitarian response coordination is ongoing through the existing Incident Command Post (ICP) weekly meeting chaired by the Zone DRMO and OCHA.

But many Civil Society Organizations Condemn UNOCHA’s Handling of Tigray Crisis.

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