The urgent need to halt land grabbing from Tigrayan farmers

Mekelle:  7 May 2024 (Tigray Herald)

The urgent need to halt land grabbing from Tigrayan farmers and the exploitation of land mining in Tigray stems from multiple critical reasons:

Restoration of Territorial Integrity: Tigray’s territorial integrity has not been fully restored, with a significant portion still under occupation. This undermines the sovereignty of the region and exacerbates tensions.
Absence of Elected Government and Law Enforcement: The lack of an elected government and independent legal judiciary systems in Tigray creates a vacuum of authority, allowing illegal activities such as land grabbing and mining exploitation to thrive unchecked.
Violation of Legal and Regulatory Frameworks: The absence of regulated and comprehensive land legal systems enables exploitation by criminal syndicates and wealthy individuals seeking to profit from the chaos and insecurity in the region.
Economic Exploitation and Inequality: Genocide millionaires and billionaires are enriching themselves through the exploitation of the genocidal war, siege, and blockade in Tigray. This exacerbates economic inequality and perpetuates the suffering of the Tigrayan population.
Political Turmoil and Instability: The seriousness of the land issue with farmers has the potential to ignite political turmoil in Tigray, jeopardizing the stability of the region and potentially leading to the downfall of the TPLF political party. The anger and resentment of Tigrayan farmers and the younger generation further exacerbate this risk.
Environmental Destruction: Land mining results in significant deforestation and habitat destruction, threatening the survival of many animal and plant species. This environmental degradation further exacerbates the challenges facing the region.
Need for Social Justice and Recognition: There is a pressing need for a fair distribution of land, particularly for TDF veterans who have sacrificed for the defense of Tigray. Addressing their needs and ensuring their inclusion in land allocation processes is essential for social justice and stability.
Analytical Suggestions:

Immediate Cease of Illegal Activities: Implement strict measures to halt land grabbing and illegal mining activities, including robust law enforcement and international pressure.
Establishment of Legal Frameworks: Develop and implement comprehensive legal and regulatory frameworks for land management, ensuring transparency, accountability, and equitable distribution.
Empowerment of Local Communities: Involve Tigrayan communities, intellectuals, and farmers in decision-making processes regarding land allocation and resource management, fostering ownership and participation.
Environmental Protection Measures: Enact policies and initiatives to mitigate environmental damage caused by mining activities, including reforestation efforts and habitat restoration projects.
Social Reconciliation and Justice: Prioritize social justice and reconciliation efforts, including reparations for victims of exploitation and inclusion of marginalized groups in decision-making processes.
International Support and Monitoring: Seek international support and collaboration to address the crisis in Tigray, including humanitarian assistance, monitoring of human rights violations, and diplomatic pressure on perpetrators.
By addressing these issues comprehensively and urgently, Tigray can begin to rebuild and restore stability, justice, and prosperity for its people.

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