Ethiopian government demand extradition of “anti government” critics from United States.

Mekelle: 11 May 2024 (Tigray Herald)

Ethiopian government demand extradition of “anti government” critics from United States.

#Ethiopia – #US: Federal police chief asks American law enforcement to cooperate in extraditing US-based individuals who are “wanted for disturbing the peace and security” of Ethiopia.  

This was stated in the readout by the Federal Police Commission following a meeting today between Demelash Gebremichael, Commissioner General of the Ethiopian Federal Police Commission, and US Ambassador Ervin Massinga.

The Commissioner General further called on the Ambassador to “further strengthen the relationship between the Ethiopian Federal Police and the FBI”.

The readout quoted Ambassador Massinga as saying that the US thanks the Ethiopian Federal Police for their contribution in extraditing “criminals wanted by the American government” and pledged that the US will contribute to the Ethiopian Federal Police by “doing the same.”

A readout from the US embassy in Addis Abeba confirmed the meeting but did not mention the statement posted by the Federal Police. However, the readout said the two sides met and “discussed issues related to law enforcement with the public and the judiciary.”

Regarding this point #OLF point out a decesive critism, as follows Dem-belash, has requested the United States to turn America into Ethiopia. The delusion continues!

What about the hundreds of thousands who are in armed rebellion on what is supposedly your turf? Do they also enjoy the protection of American institutions that you need rescinded? Better yet, should America handcuff and extradite the very idea of freedom to 4-kilo?

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