Nat’l Dialogue Commission Urges Ethiopians to Seize Opportunity, Resolve Problems Facing the Country

Mekelle: 11 May 2024 (Tigray Herald)

Nat’l Dialogue Commission Urges Ethiopians to Seize Opportunity, Resolve Problems Facing the Country

Commissioner of National Dialogue Ambassador Mohamoud Dirir called upon Ethiopians to seize the opportunity of the commission towards solving the problems facing the country, not just pass them to the future generations.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Commissioner Mohamoud noted there have been calls from various sectors of the society including political parties, intellectuals, renowned personalities to establish a national dialogue because of the crisis that the country has been passing through.

But for the last few decades, this has not happened, he said, adding the current government has brought the idea and established the Ethiopian National Dialogue Commission which is an independent body and not affiliated to any political party.

The commission is working to make inclusive dialogue a reality in Ethiopia, he said.

He also stated that the task is a very daunting and recalled the many opportunities which have been squandered in Ethiopian modern history.

“We call upon all Ethiopians to seize this opportunity and only through dialogue solve the problems that we are facing currently and not to pass them to the future generations,” he said.

The country has enormous diversity, huge resources, but there are political issues that hinder the country from moving forward.

The attempt of solving political issues by some quarters through armed struggle will not lead us to a solution, Mohamoud said.

“What we are saying is this method or this style of going to fight against this government or any future government would not lead us to a solution. It would lead to more bloodshed, displacement of people, poverty and disruption of lives of people,” he underlined.

Therefore, the commissioner underscored that “the only solution that we have in Ethiopia is to sit down sanely and solve our problems through dialogue.”

The Ethiopian National Dialogue is not an elite bargain, he said, adding that it is a dialogue that is very inclusive and includes the entire spectrum of the society to participate in the dialogue process.

This has to be an inclusive and transparent process and accepted by all, as it is legitimate and democratic process.

There is a very high expectation of the people of Ethiopia given there is the conflict, disruption of livelihoods, a displacement of people here and there as well as frustrations as well, he added.

“We have seen the huge expectation of our people which emanates from their desire for peace, stability and not to pass the current turbulence and differences to next generations.”

Hence, “the Commission believes and I should say that the only way up for Ethiopia is the national dialogue. Let us sit together, solve our problems through dialogue, which will enable us to solve our problems,” he stressed.

On other hand, Commissioner Mohamoud also called upon the armed groups to participate sanely in the national dialogue.

“There will be a safeguard process through which the armed groups, pending upon their will to participate in the process. We as a commission, call upon all the armed groups to accept the peaceful dialogue that is taking place in Ethiopia and be part of the process, not against the process,” he said.

According to him, the belief in armed struggle has been tried several times in Ethiopian modern history and what we have reaped as Ethiopians from that is conflict, war, displacement of people, destruction of economies, and disruption of livelihoods.

“Enough is enough. This is a time for us to sit and to face the realities of Ethiopia, through dialogue,” he underlined.

“I hope that this dialogue will succeed with the help of the entire population of Ethiopia, the political parties, the intellectuals, opinion makers, and the entire system of the government as well as the regional states.”

This is the only solution that we have, he said, stressing it is a process that “we shouldn’t squander as we have squandered many opportunities of the past.”


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