The Federal Government of Somalia has withdrawn its decision to terminate the UN mission

Mekelle: 11 May 2024 (Tigray Herald)

BREAKING: The Federal Government of #Somalia has withdrawn its decision to terminate the UN missionopting instead to establish a joint committee for UN mission restructuring. The FGS pledges to appoint Somali representatives to devise a transition plan for @UNSomalia amidst mounting international pressure.

Following the letter sent to your esteemed office on 5th May 2024regarding the mandate of the United Nations Assistance Mission inSomalia (UNSOM), the Somali government stands ready to engage withall relevant stakeholders in the preparation for the complex transitionprocess within the appropriate timefarme.

First and foremost, we express our profound gratitude for the invaluablecontributions of UNSOM and preceding political missions to Somalia overthe past three decades. The United Nations has played a crucial role inadvancing Somalia’s peacebuilding, constitutional and economicreforms, as well as humanitarian responses in this period.

In the September 2022 Strategic Review of UNSOM, and the most recentcall between their Excellencies President of the Federal republic ofSomalia Dr. Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and United Nations SecretaryGeneral Antionio Gutterres on 29th April 2024, the Federal Republic ofSomalia requested the initiation of a planning process “to articulate aclear end state toward a transition from a special political mission to aUnited Nations Country Team.” In the mentioned callwas agreed bythe principals that a joint technical team would be established todetermine the best modalities and timeline for the transition. Accordingly,we envisage a smooth and collaborative effort with positive outcomesthat benefits the Somali people.

smoothly transitioning from the United Nations Political Mission can beapproached through distinct stages. This will ensure an effective processwhich builds on the successes of the existing United Nations operationsand best practices while preparing a new enabling partnership strategybetween our two sides. Our government is determined to get this processright as there are many global challenges like international security,climate change and economic development which requires the jointefforts of our government and the United Nations.

Given the above, the Somali government kindly request the initiation ofthe planning process at your earliest convenience.

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