The statement is ill-advised and contains uninformed assertions.”OLF

Mekelle: 17 May 2024 (Tigray Herald)

Ambassador Ervin Massinga of the @USEmbassyAddis delivered a brief speech on what they referred to as “Policy Speech on Human Rights and Dialogue.” As usual, Abiy`s MFA responded with a hodgepodge of superlatives. We`ll review this revealing presser sentence by sentence.

1.  “On 15 May 2024, the Ambassador of the United States of America in Addis Ababa read a Statement called Policy Speech on Human Rights and Dialogue containing allegations and unsolicited advice to the Government of Ethiopia on how best to run the affairs of the country and mention groups bent on overthrowing the Elected Government by force… ”

When a group is nosediving a country of 120 million and destabilizing an already troubled and geo-strategically significant region, it should brace itself for more unsolicited advice. Your actions have consequences not just in Ethiopia but further afield. A group that does not want unsolicited advice halts its sabotage in Sudan, Somalia, Djibouti, and the rest of the Horn. It attempts to be a government instead of a coterie of warmongers and park enthusiasts who relish the extermination of political opposition.

The other revealing objection seems to be the mention of resistance movements in the Ambassador`s address. A mere mention! When you take issues with a mere mention of the opposition by a third party attempting to mediate, it is clear that you do not recognize the very problem being mediated, without which you couldn’t be interested in genuine dialogue. It is yet another reveal that the regime has no interest whatsoever in resolving the conflict through dialogue and all the rounds of peace talks it conducted have only been a tactical co-optation platform.

2. “The statement is ill-advised and contains uninformed assertions.”

If there was anything resembling `uninformed` in the Ambassador`s address, it was building up the regime as if it tried to strike a balance between the protection of the state and respect for civil liberties in its response to resistance movements. The regime is demonstrably protecting neither. The state has become the prosperity party.

3. “It is contrary to the historic and friendly relations between Ethiopia and the US.”

The truest expression of friendship between the two countries is protecting the people of the country from the regime`s trajectory to the abyss. Much more is expected in this regard.

4. “The ministry will work with the Embassy of the US in Addis…It will suggest better ways befitting diplomatic decorum.”

The only thing the regime is interested in is to have the embassy parrot its talking points.

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