Aisha Returns to Defense Swapping Abraham to Lowland & Irrigation Ministry

Mekelle: 20 May 2024 (Tigray Herald)

Aisha Returns to Defense Swapping Abraham to Lowland & Irrigation Ministry

Aisha Mohammed, a civil engineer with studies in transformational leadership, returns to the helm of the Defense Ministry. She previously held the position for a brief period in 2018, during the Prime Minister’s initial cabinet formation. Three years later, in October 2021, Aisha transitioned to lead the Lowland & Irrigation Ministry. However, her tenure there was marked by difficulties in project completion and budgetary constraints, attributed by officials to poorly designed projects inherited from previous administrations. These issues came to public outcry after a nine-month report to Parliament, prompting legislators to request a special review.

Aisha’s was one of the three appointments Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) made today in another cabinet reshuffle, placing renewed emphasis on the leadership of the Defense and Lowland & Irrigation ministries. Both positions hold critical importance as the country faces ongoing food security concerns and internal conflicts.

Taking over the Lowland & Irrigation portfolio from Aisha is Abraham Belay (PhD), one of the closest allies of the Prime Minister since their days at the Information Network Security Agency (INSA). He has a background in leadership roles, having served on the boards of the Ethiopian Roads Authority (ERA) and the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE). He also previously spearheaded efforts at the Ethiopian Electric Power company, coinciding with the appointment of Frehiwot Tamiru as CEO of Ethio Telecom.

Another appointee is Mohammed Indris (PhD), state minister for the Centre for the Coordination of Democratic Development.

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