War updates from Amhara Region, Ethiopia

Mekelle: 21 May 2024 (Tigray Herald)

War updates from Amhara Region, Ethiopia

For the period between May 12th and 19th, 2024, fighting between Amhara Fano freedom fighters (Fano) and Prosperity Party regime joint forces (regime forces) has continued in various parts of Amhara Region while identity-based persecution targeting Amhara residents has continued in Oromia Region.

• There has been ongoing fighting in nearly all zones of Amhara Region while the situation in Gonder sub-region has been particularly volatile. Joint regime forces have continued deliberate attacks on unarmed civilians and civilian targets including with the use of deadly drone strikes. Extrajudicial killings continue with victims often accused of supporting Fano (or having family members who support Fano) and attacks often targeting residential neighborhoods with targeted destruction of residential houses. In particular, following military losses in battles with Fano forces, retreating regime forces have targeted civilians in reprisal attacks.

• On May 12th, an ambulance intended for the transportation of the sick and women in labour for delivery was repurposed to transport regime forces engaged in combat with Fano forces. The vehicle was subsequently attacked by Fano forces, resulting in the loss of lives and the destruction of the ambulance. Currently, throughout the Amhara Region, all vehicles designated for medical purposes have been repurposed for transportation by regime military forces.

Source፡Amhara Association of America

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