Several people have been detained in Wolkite town

Mekelle: 24 May 2024 (Tigray Herald)

Several people have been detained in Wolkite town, Gurage zone, in Central Ethiopia, in connection with the robbery of firearms at a police station on May 13, residents told Wazema. The residents said security forces had conducted “ethnically-targeted” house-to-house searches and confiscated weapons, including from business people licensed to hold firearms. The head of the town’s peace and security office, Tigistu Faje, however, denied the arrests based on ethnicity. He revealed that an unknown number of firearms and ammunitions were stolen from the police station, adding that searches were ongoing to apprehend the perpetrators. Tigistu also stated that the police officers who were on duty at the night of the robbery were in detention and were being investigated.

Source፡Wazema Radio

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