An Appeal to All Tigrayan Artists, Music Producers, and Musicians

MekelleŠć°26 May 2024 (Tigray Herald)

An Appeal to All Tigrayan Artists, Music Producers, and Musicians

Dear Tigrayan Artists, Music Producers, and Musicians,

In these critical times, as we strive to advance and protect our cultural identity, it is imperative that we understand the profound importance and power of cultural music and art in the realm of soft power diplomacy. As the ambassadors of Tigray’s rich heritage, your creativity and influence play a pivotal role in shaping perceptions and fostering solidarity both within our community and on the international stage.

The Power of Cultural Music and Art

Cultural music and art are not mere forms of entertainment; they are potent tools for diplomacy and influence. They serve as a medium to communicate our values, history, and aspirations. Through your music, you have the power to narrate the story of Tigray, celebrate its ancient heritage, and highlight the resilience and spirit of its people. This is not just about preserving our culture; it is about using it strategically to garner support and recognition globally.

Choosing the Right Titles and Names for Your Music

The titles and names of your music carry significant weight. They are the first impression and can convey powerful messages. Therefore, it is crucial to select titles that honor and uplift the name of Tigray and Tigrayan culture, rather than the name of Ethiopia, which has been marred by recent genocidal connotations. By doing so, you pay tribute to our unique heritage and assert our cultural identity on the global stage.

Embrace and Celebrate Aksum-Tigray’s Ancient Cultural Heritage

We encourage you to draw inspiration from the rich history and cultural legacy of Aksum-Tigray. By incorporating elements of our ancient heritage into your art, you can create works that resonate deeply with both local and international audiences. This celebration of our past not only instills pride within our community but also educates and engages a broader audience, fostering greater understanding and support.

The Role of Tigrinya Music in International Diplomacy

Tigrinya music has the potential to be a powerful tool for cultural diplomacy. By bringing Tigrayan music to international stages, you can help build bridges, create dialogues, and influence perceptions. Your music can serve as a testament to the enduring spirit of Tigray and its people, highlighting our cultural richness and resilience.

In conclusion, as you continue to create and produce music, remember the impact of your work on our cultural diplomacy efforts. Let us unite in honoring the name of Tigray, celebrating our heritage, and using our art to advance our cause. Together, we can ensure that Tigrayan culture and identity are recognized and respected worldwide.

With deep respect and admiration,

The Aksumology initiative.

By Yerga Yaecobe

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