Immediate Action Required to Stop the Environmental Destruction in Eastern Tigray

Mekelle፡27 May 2024 (Tigray Herald)

Urgent Appeal to Halt the Destruction of Eastern Tigray’s Natural Beauty

To:International Environmental Watchdog Organizations
Human Rights Groups
Media Organizations
Environmental Advocacy Groups
Tigray Government
TPLF Leadership
TDF Military Leadership

Subject: Immediate Action Required to Stop the Environmental Destruction in Eastern Tigray

By Yerga Yaecobe.

We are writing to you with a profound sense of urgency regarding the imminent and severe threat to one of the world’s most naturally beautiful and culturally significant regions—Eastern Tigray. The majestic mountains of Wukro Kilte Awulaelo, along with the internationally recognized Geralta mountains, are facing unprecedented destruction. This region, renowned for its ancient rock-hewn churches, including the iconic Abune Yemata Guh, Mariam Korkor, and over 150 other ancient rock-hewn churches, is under siege by irresponsible, greedy, and criminal entities.

The Threat:
A group of genocide billionaires and corrupt Tigray politicians are exploiting the region under the guise of construction material investments, during a time when the area is already suffering from the aftermath of a brutal three-year genocidal war. These activities not only constitute an environmental crime of international proportions but also threaten the cultural and historical heritage of Tigray.

Call to Action:
We urgently appeal to the Tigray government, the TPLF leadership, and the TDF military leadership to:

Immediate Halt: Immediately cease all destructive activities in the mountains of Wukro Kilte Awulaelo and surrounding areas.
Revoke Licenses: Revoke any illegal licenses granted for these destructive activities.
Accountability: Hold those responsible for these environmental crimes accountable, including both the billionaire exploiters and their political collaborators.
Protect the Environment: Implement and enforce stringent environmental protection measures to safeguard Tigray’s natural beauty and cultural heritage.
International Support Needed:
We call upon international environmental watchdog organizations, human rights groups, media organizations, and environmental advocacy groups to:

Raise Awareness: Publicize the environmental atrocities being committed in Eastern Tigray.
Pressure Campaign: Apply diplomatic and economic pressure on the Tigray government and TPLF leadership to stop these activities immediately.
Support Local Voices: Amplify the voices of the local people who are crying out for help and whose pleas have been ignored by their government.
Monitor and Report: Establish monitoring mechanisms to ensure the cessation of environmental destruction and report any ongoing violations to the international community.
The Consequences:
The destruction of these ancient mountains and churches not only robs the world of an invaluable cultural and natural heritage but also poses a grave threat to the daily lives and future of the people of Tigray. The actions of these environmental criminals are a direct assault on the cultural identity and environmental sustainability of the region.

Powerful and Emotional Slogans:
“Save Tigray’s Natural Beauty! Stop the Destruction Now!”
“Protect Our Heritage: Halt the Greedy Exploiters!”
“Our Mountains, Our Legacy: Defend Tigray’s Natural Wonders!”
“From Genocide to Environmental Catastrophe: Act Now to Save Tigray!”
The situation in Eastern Tigray is dire and demands immediate international intervention. Let us unite to protect and preserve the breathtaking landscapes and irreplaceable heritage of Tigray. We must act now to prevent irreversible damage and to ensure that these natural and cultural treasures are saved for future generations.

Contact Information:
For further information and to coordinate efforts, please contact:

Together, we can halt the destruction and safeguard the legacy of Eastern Tigray.

Let’s save our beautiful natural heritage mountains of Wukro Kilte Awulaelo and surrounding areas. Act now before it’s too late.

This appeal will be distributed to all relevant organizations and stakeholders for immediate action.

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