Criticism, infused with admiration and appreciation for Mr. Emanuel Eyasu:

MekelleŠć°29 May 2024 (Tigray Herald)

Criticism, infused with admiration and appreciation for Mr. Emanuel Eyasu:

By Semeret Ameha

I am compelled to address the recent baseless accusations made by so-called media generalist Mr. Nega Zreu and political amateur Emanuel Meresa against the highly respected Mr. Emanuel Eyasu, founder and CEO of Asena TV (ATV). These unfounded allegations are not only misinformed but also deeply disrespectful to a man who has dedicated himself to advocating for the voiceless people of Tigray.

Mr. Emanuel Eyasu has been a beacon of truth and a champion for the oppressed during the almost four-year genocidal war in Tigray. At a time when the region was plunged into a communication blackout, Asena TV emerged as a critical lifeline, providing the world with indispensable updates and giving a voice to those suffering in silence. His unwavering commitment to peace and reconciliation between the Eritrean and Tigrayan people underscores his ethical and professional integrity.

Throughout the conflict, Mr. Eyasu has consistently stood against the genocidal actions perpetrated by the Eritrean and Ethiopian regimes. His courageous stance and advocacy for democracy and peace have earned him immense admiration and respect from the people of Tigray and beyond. It is through his tireless efforts that the plight of the Tigrayan people has received international attention, and for this, we owe him a debt of gratitude.

The inflammatory language used by Mr. Zreu and Mr. Meresa in their recent Tigrinya programs is not only inflammatory but also a grave disservice to the truth and to the Tigrayan community. As a Tigrayan, I condemn their actions in the strongest possible terms. Their reckless rhetoric only serves to undermine the noble efforts of a man who has consistently demonstrated his commitment to justice and peace.

Mr. Emanuel Eyasu has paid a heavy price for his steadfast support of the Tigrayan cause, facing intense hostility from hardcore supporters of the Eritrean regime. Despite this, he remains undeterred, continuing his mission to foster understanding and unity between the peoples of Eritrea and Tigray.

In solidarity with Mr. Eyasu, I express my deepest admiration and appreciation for his unwavering dedication to the principles of truth and justice. We, the people of Tigray, stand firmly with you, Mr. Emanuel Eyasu. Your noble work has not gone unnoticed, and your integrity continues to inspire us all. We salute you for your extraordinary contributions, and we proudly declare: We are all Emanuel Eyasu.

This revised version maintains the strong criticism of Mr. Nega Zreu and Mr. Emanuel Meresa while emphasizing the admirable qualities and efforts of Mr. Emanuel Eyasu.

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