The significance and importance forEstablishing and Forming the Bete Ketein Z Aksum International Committee:

Mekelle፡1 June 2024 (Tigray Herald)

By Yerga Yaecobe

The significance and importance for
Establishing and Forming the Bete Ketein Z Aksum International Committee: A Commitment to Preserving Aksum Tigray’s Ancient Heritage shows us the Discoverize YouTube channel.


The establishment of the Bete Ketein Z Aksum International Committee is a profound step towards safeguarding the rich religious and cultural heritage of Aksum Tigray. This initiative is crucial, especially in the wake of the devastating genocidal campaigns that have repeatedly targeted the region. The significance of preserving and restoring Aksum Tigray’s ancient traditions and artifacts cannot be overstated. This document outlines the reasons for our unwavering commitment to this cause and underscores the vital role of the Bete Ketein Z Aksum International Committee in the post-Tigray genocide era.

Aksum Tigray: A Cradle of Ancient Heritage

Aksum Tigray stands as a beacon of ancient religious and cultural history, home to the Aksumite civilization and the Orthodox Tewahedo Tigrayan Church. The artifacts and traditions of this region represent a significant chapter in human history, offering invaluable insights into early Christian practices and African heritage. The Discoverize YouTube channel has shed light on these treasures, revealing mind-blowing scientific theories and showcasing the unparalleled richness of Aksum Tigray’s legacy. The world is beginning to understand the profound importance of this heritage, yet it remains vulnerable to exploitation and distortion.

The Threat of Exploitation and Distortion

For years, the Ethiopian religious and political elites have systematically exploited and distorted the narrative of Aksum Tigray’s heritage. This malicious agenda has not only falsified historical claims but has also fueled genocidal violence against the people of Tigray. The intent behind these atrocities is clear: to obliterate the true custodians of this ancient heritage and to claim the artifacts and traditions of Aksum Tigray as their own. This exploitation represents a grave injustice to the people of Tigray and a profound loss to humanity’s shared cultural legacy.

The Role of the Bete Ketein Z Aksum International Committee

In this critical juncture, the Bete Ketein Z Aksum International Committee emerges as a vital force for justice and preservation. Our mission is to reclaim, restore, and protect the ancient religious and cultural heritage of Aksum Tigray. This endeavor is not merely about safeguarding artifacts; it is about restoring a narrative that has been violently suppressed and ensuring that the true history of Aksum Tigray is recognized and honored.

Post-Genocide Recovery and Rehabilitation

The genocide against the people of Tigray has inflicted immeasurable suffering, but it has also galvanized a renewed commitment to recovery and rehabilitation. The Bete Ketein Z Aksum International Committee will play a pivotal role in this process by:

Preserving Artifacts and Traditions: Documenting, restoring, and safeguarding ancient artifacts and religious traditions to prevent further loss and distortion.

Educational Initiatives: Promoting awareness and education about the true history and significance of Aksum Tigray’s heritage to combat false narratives and foster global appreciation.

Advocacy and Support: Providing a platform for Tigrayan religious, political, and intellectual elites to unite in reclaiming their past and shaping a future free from exploitation and genocide.

Rehabilitation Programs: Supporting the physical and psychological rehabilitation of communities affected by the genocide, ensuring that the cultural revival goes hand in hand with human recovery.

A Call to Action: “Genocide Will Never Repeat Again”

The establishment of the Bete Ketein Z Aksum International Committee is more than a cultural initiative; it is a declaration of resilience and a commitment to justice. As we embark on this mission, we call upon all Tigrayan religious, political, and intellectual leaders to join us in reclaiming and restoring our ancient history. Let this be a powerful reminder: “Genocide Will Never Repeat Again.” Together, we can honor our past, heal our present, and safeguard our future.


The Bete Ketein Z Aksum International Committee stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of the Tigrayan people and their unyielding commitment to preserving their heritage. In the face of adversity, we will continue to protect and celebrate the rich traditions of Aksum Tigray, ensuring that their significance is recognized and revered worldwide. Our journey is one of justice, recovery, and unwavering dedication to a future where the atrocities of genocide are never repeated.

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