South Africa’s ruling ANC losses Majority after poll

Mekelle፡2 June 2024 (Tigray Herald)

South Africa’s ruling ANC losses Majority after poll

*Ramaphosa begins talk for Coalition Governance

After a 30 years stint in power, ANC lost it’s majority in South Africa’s parliament and Cyril Ramaphosa, President of South Africa, will need to form a coalition government in the next two 2 weeks to be able to run for a second term in office. The President who may be under Pressure to resign following poor performance of the Nelson Mandela’s party, has made secret  concessions to opposition parties to enable him form government.

ANC scored 40% of the the 400 seats in the parliament, a 17% steep from the 57% she scored five years ago, precisely in 2019. If he succeeds to form a coalition government, he sure will have a stormy tenure over policy directive given the bipolar structure of opposition parties against him.

Professor David Everett at Wits School of Governance finds this a positive development for democracy in South African. He told the Press the defeat of the ruling ANC will engender good governance and accountability for the country. He is quoted thus: “I think the ANC suddenly having to be accountable rather than having majority after majority will be an exceptionally good thing for South Africa,” he said.

Democratic Alliance, the main opposition party polled 22% of the seats and speculated to be the best option for Ramaphosa. Ex President Jacob Zuma showed he knows how to hold his base. With MK, a party He formed six months before the poll, he scored 15% seats in Parliament and earned a third place at the poll. He is resilient and despite how he has been painted and ousted from ANC, he has managed to gain the confidence of his supporters. He remains a critical consideration for Ramaphosa.

Radical Julius Malema and the EFF is South Africa’s girl child steadily and beautifully growing into adulthood. The party scored 9% seat.

Let’s watch what happens in the days ahead

In summary, power play in South Africa has entered the next gear. It’s the gear of negotiation and building consensus against civil domination by big ruling parties. Civil domination hampers rule of law and good governance but breeds corruption.
Let’s watch which party will join forces with President Cyril Ramaphosa to form the next government.

Meanwhile, the poll was free, fair and credible. Pictures captured by Press at different poll centres show South Africans patiently waiting to cast their votes.

Congratulations South Africans.

Credit: Solomon Johnny

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