A Reflection on Eritrea’sRole in the Tigray Conflict:A Personal Perspective

Mekelle፡ 7 June 2024 (Tigray Herald)

By Selam Kidane.

A Reflection on Eritrea’sRole in the Tigray Conflict:A Personal Perspective

Agreement, the continued presence of Eritrean forces in Tigray and the ongoing atrocities, particularly sexual and gender-based violence, are appalling. This disregard for international accords and humanitarian norms tarnishes our nation’s image and perpetuates the suffering of the Tigrayan people.

First-Hand Experience of the Devastation

In November and December 2023, I visited Mekele, the capital of  Tigray, and witnessed the devastation and psychological damage that continues to unfold. The ruins of homes, schools, and hospitals stood as stark reminders of the conflict’s toll. The trauma etched on the faces of survivors spoke volumes about the suffering endured. This experience underscored the urgent need for accountability and restitution.

International Response and Accountability

The international community’s call for accountability is a necessary step towards justice. As an Eritrean, it is essential to support these efforts, recognizing that true peace and reconciliation can only be achieved through justice. Holding those responsible for these atrocities accountable, whether through international tribunals or other mechanisms, is crucial for healing and moving forward.


The Tigray conflict, and Eritrea’s role in it, is a stark reminder of the devastating consequences of unchecked aggression and ethnic animosity. As an Eritrean who grew up in Ethiopia and witnessed the aftermath firsthand in Mekele, I believe it is vital to reflect on these events, not only to understand the political and historical context but to recognise the human cost of such conflicts.

By acknowledging the atrocities committed by the EDF, supporting international efforts for accountability, and advocating for peace and reconciliation, we can begin to heal and rebuild. The suffering of the Tigrayan people demands our empathy and action, ensuring that their pain is neither forgotten nor in vain.

Reflecting on Eritrea’s involvement in the Tigray conflict as detailed in the New Lines Institute report is a deeply personal journey. It challenges me to confront uncomfortable truths and to commit to a path of justice and peace. The future of our region depends on our willingness to learn from the past and to build a more just and compassionate world for all. We are all duty-bound to ensure accountability and restitution for the victims of this tragic conflict.


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