Five people were killed in gunfire exchanges between government security forces Fano in Chagni town, Awi zone, Amhara

Mekelle፡ 7 June 2024 (Tigray Herald)

Transportation services have been suspended between the Amhara regional capital Bahir Dar and several other towns in North and South Gondar zones. There has been no movement of vehicles between Bahir Dar, and the historic city of Gondar and Debre Tabor since Sunday, residents told Wazema. According to the residents, the roads have been closed due to a transport ban allegedly called by the Fano militia, who have been fighting against the government troops in the region since mid-2023. Last month, a similar transport ban affected all vehicle movements in West, East and North Gojjam zones and between them and Bahir Dar for several days. The State of Emergency declared by the Federal Government in the region in July 2023 expired on Wednesday.

4) Ethiopian Federal security forces have detained two opposition politicians in the last few days. Former chairman of the opposition Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice Party Yeshiwas Assefa, was detained last Friday. Local media have reported that he was yet to appear in court. Reports said the police had accused him of circulating social media posts that “incite violence” and “support the Fano militia” fighting government troops in Amhara. On Wednesday, Federal security forces also detained former opposition politician Zelelle Tsegaselassie. Both Yeshiwas and Zelelle were organisers of a peaceful rally in Addis Ababa in November 2023, aimed at calling for the end of armed conflicts in the country, which was banned by the authorities. Earlier, other organisers were arrested for several weeks and released without being formally charged.

5) The non-governmental Ethiopian Human Rights Council (EHRCO) has accused uniformed armed security forces of forcing trucks and buses on long-distance roads to pay illegal fees. In a statement on Thursday, EHRCO said abductions were continuing on long distance roads in Oromia and Amhara. It urged the Federal Government and the regional administrations to respect the free movement of persons and vehicles, stop the abductions and the illegal fees and bring the perpetrators to justice. House-to-house searches in Amhara, Oromia and Addis Ababa outside work hours by unidentified armed elements who do not often produce court warrants, were still continuing, the rights body also said.

6) Five people were killed in gunfire exchanges between government security forces and alleged armed elements in Chagni town, Awi zone, Amhara, on Wednesday, DW reported, quoting residents. Residents said the armed elements were operating in the name of the opposition Agaw National Shengo party, according to the report. The report quoted residents as saying that the armed elements had been engaged in robbery and abductions. The party confirmed the victims were its supporters, the report stated, but denied that they were armed. The shooting exchange started following a dispute between two individuals over whether Chagni town belonged to the Amhara or the Agaw communities, but security forces intervened and killed the Agaw National Shengo supporters, the party said, according to the report. The town’s security office, however, refuted claims that the security forces targeted a certain ethnic identity.

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