Axum Airport Reopens After Three and a Half Years

Mekelle፡ 9 June 2024 (Tigray Herald)

Axum Airport Reopens After Three and a Half Years

Axum, Tigray: Axum Airport has officially reopened today, marking a significant milestone after three and a half years of closure. The airport, one of three in Tigray, was forced to cease operations in November 2020 due to damage sustained during the war on Tigray.

Today’s inauguration ceremony is attended by several distinguished guests, including Tigray Interim Administration President Getachew Reda, Ethiopian Airlines Executive Director Mesfin Tasew, and Axum Town Mayor Abebe Birhane, along with many local residents.

Reconstruction of Axum Airport commenced in December of last year, and it is set to resume service today, June 9, 2024. The first plane has arrived eagerly at Axum Yohannes IV Airport, symbolizing a new beginning for the town that has also witnessed the cruelest atrocity during the war.

Residents and officials alike are hopeful that the airport’s reopening will rejuvenate the economy of Axum, a historic town whose livelihood is heavily dependent on tourism. The return of air services is also seen as a crucial step in restoring normalcy and promoting economic growth in the area.

A Triumph of Hope & History.

At the heart of tourism is transportation. Home to the Ark of the Covenant and gateway to Axum’s ancient civilization, HISTORY springs back to life as Axum Airport resumes operations. Distinguished elders and the President of IRA welcomed the first flight since its hiatus. Imagine the thrill of Axum’s residents as their city becomes a thriving tourism hub once again.

Tourism is the backbone of Axum’s local economy. Hundreds of thousands of Ethiopian Orthodox followers visit Saint Mary of Zion in November. City officials recall a time when up to 1,000 tourists would flood Aksum during peak season from September to April.

The airport’s reopening is more than just an aviation milestone. Axum bridges the past and future, heals wounds, and cements hope while boosting the local economy.

Despite the trauma from the massacre on November 28 and 29, 2020, this development brings a wave of optimism.

Source፡Tigray Television

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