Ethiopia: Parliament approves new proclamation on public holiday standards

Mekelle፡ 11 June 2024 (Tigray Herald)

Ethiopia: Parliament approves new proclamation on public holiday standards

The House of People’s Representatives has unanimously approved a new proclamation today that establishes nationwide standards for the observance of public holidays.

The proclamation, numbered 1334/2016, was presented to the parliament during its 31st regular session after being reviewed by the Health, Social Development, Culture, & Sports Standing Committee and the Legal, Justice and Democracy Affairs Standing Committee.

According to Werkesemu Mamo, Chair of the Health, Social Development, Culture, & Sports Standing Committee, the proclamation aims to preserve the cultural, spiritual, social, and economic values associated with public holidays while ensuring their peaceful and harmonious observance and promoting cooperation among citizens.

The proclamation sets nationwide guidelines but allows regional governments to formulate their own regulations in accordance with local traditions and practices. It also mandates the government to maintain peace and security during public holidays and provide appropriate media coverage of related events.

During the parliamentary session, members raised questions and concerns, including those from some religious institutions regarding the consultation process during the drafting stage. These concerns were addressed in the responses provided.

The new proclamation seeks to address the shortcomings of the existing regulation for determining public holidays, which had been criticized for lacking comprehensive observance guidelines.

During a previous parliamentary session, the proclamation incorporated inputs from key stakeholders to ensure appropriate commemoration of public holidays such as Ethiopian Patriots’ Victory Day, Yekatit 12 Martyrs’ Day, and Ethiopian Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples’ Day.

Source፡Addis Standard.

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