Why Mr. Beserat Amare,is being condemned by Tigrean Diaspora

Mekelle፡ 12 June 2024 (Tigray Herald)

It must be collectively  Condemnation of Mr. Beserat Amare, Former Head of TPLF Intelligence Service

By Yemane Atesebeha
Recent statements and actions by Mr. Beserat Amare, the former head of the TPLF intelligence service, are deeply troubling and must be condemned in the strongest possible terms. As someone who once held a crucial position in intelligence, Mr. Amare should have a thorough understanding of the importance of confidentiality and the impact of narratives. His current behavior is not only misguided but also severely detrimental to the national interests of Tigray.

Mr. Amare’s distorted narrative and betrayal are a direct threat to the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Tigray. His remarks aid the enemies of Tigray, undermining efforts to restore and protect our region. Such actions reveal a profound political bankruptcy and pose a significant threat to the unity and future of the Tigrayan people.

It is imperative that we stand united against these distortions and firmly reject any narrative that compromises the interests and security of Tigray. In stark contrast, we must express our appreciation for Mr. Tesfakiros and his administration. Their unwavering commitment to the national interests of the Tigrayan people is commendable. Mr. Tesfakiros has demonstrated a clear and firm political stance, refusing to compromise on matters critical to Tigray’s future. His critical political analysis serves as a critical hope and strength for Tigrayans, embodying the principles and aspirations of our people.

Through leaders like Mr. Tesfakiros, we can ensure the preservation and advancement of Tigray’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. Let us stand together in support of those who genuinely serve the interests of Tigray and condemn those who seek to undermine it.

Thank you, Brother Tesfakiros. We are proud of you and stand with you in our commitment to protecting Tigray. As Tigrayans, we must have a red line that we do not cross or compromise.

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