Message from the Tigrayan Community in the United Kingdom to His Grace Bishop Abuna Selama 

Message from the Tigrayan Community in the United Kingdom to His Grace Bishop Abuna Selama

Your Grace Bishop Abuna Selama,

On behalf of the Tigrayan community in the United Kingdom, we extend our deepest gratitude and heartfelt appreciation for the powerful and moving eulogy you delivered during the funeral of Mahelet Tkelay. Your words resonated profoundly with all of us, shedding light on the tragic circumstances that have befallen our beloved Tigray.

Your eloquent address not only honored the memory of Mahelet, a young girl full of promise and dreams, but also courageously confronted the brutal reality of the ongoing violence against the daughters of Tigray. The murder of Mahelet is a devastating testament to the breakdown of law and order in our homeland, and your call for accountability and justice was both necessary and inspiring.

The scriptural reference from Genesis 4:9, “Where is your brother Abel? … Am I my brother’s keeper?” echoed deeply within us. Your poignant question, “Where are our sisters? Where are our daughters?” captures the anguish and responsibility we all feel. Your unwavering demand for accountability from the authorities and leaders of Tigray was a powerful reminder of the sacred duty they hold to protect our people.

Your Grace, your words have galvanized us. You have reminded us of our collective responsibility to stand up against injustice and protect the vulnerable. The bravery and determination you praised in those who continue to fight for justice despite adversity is a source of inspiration for us all.

As you called upon Tigrayan religious leaders, bishops, and priests to stand firm against oppression and speak out against the violence inflicted upon innocent girls and women, we, too, pledge our solidarity and support. We will strive to be the voice for the voiceless and the strength for the weak, following your example of courage and compassion.

Your message of unity and resolve in honoring Mahelet’s memory and ensuring her death was not in vain is a clarion call for all of us. Together, we aspire to build a Tigray where every child can grow up in safety and peace, where justice prevails, and where love and compassion triumph over hatred and violence.

May God grant us the strength to continue this fight for justice, and may He comfort the grieving family of Mahelet Tkelay. Our prayers and unwavering commitment to justice are with them.

May Mahelet’s soul rest in eternal peace. Amen.

With deepest respect and gratitude,

The Tigrayan Community in the United Kingdom

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