The Ashenda Festival in Tigrai
Ashenda (ኣሸንዳ), is one of the long rooted intangible cultural heritages of Tigrai.
Ashenda, which can be regarded as one of the folkloric rituals, convey much about cultural beliefs, history, philosophy as well as the people’s co-existence with the eco-system.
Ashenda is a great forum not only for promoting tangible and intangible heritages of the people of Tigrai but also for transmission of the cultural legacies and values down to the next generations.

The same is true with its remarkable potentials as a means of
income generation through economic transactions of local products as well as attracting local and international tourists. On top of these, Ashenda consolidates peace, love,
tolerance, unity and healthy relationships among peoples. In the same vein, it encourages women to exercise and enjoy their rights of self-expression and equality.

During the past years of peace, the government has increased the level of Ashenda/Maria/Ayni- Wari/ festival to the level of the festival with some encouragement and support. Thus, Ashenda/Maria/Ayni-Wari/ has become one of the leading festivals in promoting the good image of Tigrai in the world.  However, it has not been celebrated for the past three years due to the genocidal coalition invasion in Tigrai.  The girls of Tigrai who are the owners of this festival have also been killed, mutilated, raped and psychologically harmed by the brutal acts of the invaders.  However, our heroines fought and resisted without being defeated by this brutal injustice.  Today, a better peace has been achieved through their bitter struggle.

However, it is still a matter of time to strengthen our unity to rebuild the destroyed Tigrai so that the displaced and displaced people can return to their homes, the criminals can be brought to justice and the injured people can be compensated.

The 2015 Ashenda/Ayni-wari/Maria Festival will be celebrated from August 16–26, 2015 under the theme “Ashenda for Peace, Recovery and Reconstruction of Tigrai”.  But without a public Musica dance and celebration, we should celebrate it by supporting our victimized women, displaced and vulnerable people, heroines and parents of heroes.

you are enited to come to your country to see your family and people, to study and to participate in the celebration.
#TigrqiLand of Orgin
#Tigrai Land of civilization

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