New War Baby Oligarchs

MekelleŠć° 15 September 2023(Tigray Herald)

New War Baby Oligarchs

In #Tigray  the way of formal procedures (such as laws and social norms) and government bureaucracy had been manipulating for long by government officials,state-backed companies, private companies or private individuals, so as to influence state policies and laws in their favour.

These entities and individuals seeks to influence the formation of laws, procedures and policies in order to protect and promote influential actors and their interests. In this way it differs from most other forms of corruption which instead seek selective enforcement of already existing laws.

If the state has no power to control and regulate the market or the provision of other critical social services, and if it is manipulated by such entities,the state is unfunctional and is perfectly state captured.This is exactly what is happening in Tigray right now. New war baby oligarchic groups are on the making as a result of this state capture.

Accidental oligarchs are vulgarly monopolizing the economy and are maneuverly hijacking and manipulating the state policies,norms and laws in their favour. If this can’t be controlled as quickly as possible, it undoubtedly will thunder us in to a full state collapse.

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