In Tigrai’s land, where ancient glory resides.

MekelleŠć° 24 September 2023(Tigray Herald)

In Tigrai’s land, where ancient glory resides,
A land of wondrous beauty that forever abides.
Where rugged mountains touch the sky so high,
And golden valleys beneath the sun’s gentle sigh.

Tigrai, the heart of Ethiopia’s northern embrace,
A tapestry of history, woven with grace.
From Axum’s towering obelisks, a symbol of might,
To rock-hewn churches, carved with devotion and light.

Oh Tigrai, land of warriors, brave and strong,
Where legends reverberate in an ageless song.
From Yohannes’ courage at the Battle of Adwa,
To the resistance against invaders, warriors in awe.

In Tigrai, the cradle of civilization we find,
A legacy etched in every stone and mind.
Where ancient manuscripts whisper their tales,
Of empires and kingdoms, where prosperity sails.

Tigrai, a land of vibrant culture and tradition,
Where hospitality flows with gentle disposition.
From injera’s tangy taste on a humble plate,
To the dance of gurage, where joy cascades.

But Tigrai’s story is not without sorrow,
For in recent times, peace faced a narrow.
Yet resilience runs deep within her veins,
And hope’s flame ignites, spreading countless gains.

Tigrai, you rise like a phoenix from the ashes,
Rebuilding, reclaiming, and healing with flashes,
Of determination, unity, and unwavering pride,
A testament to the spirit that cannot be denied.

So let us celebrate Tigrai, her strength and resilience,
A land that stands tall against life’s every occurrence.
May peace and prosperity forever bloom,
In this land where history and future entwomb.

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