Tigray the land of Orgin,Abune yema’eta Church.

Mekelle፡ 20 November 2023(Tigray Herald)

Tigray the land of Orgin,Abune yema’eta Church.

Perched dramatically on a precipitous cliff, towering at a staggering 198 meters (650 feet) in northern Ethiopia, stands the Yamata Goh Church. Accessing this church is an adventurous endeavor, as visitors must scale the sheer face of the cliff to reach its perilous location.

With origins dating back to the 5th century, the church’s history is steeped in tradition and spirituality. Legends and historical accounts suggest that Yamata, the church’s founder, selected this distinctive site to establish a closer connection to the celestial spirits. The church’s dramatic positioning atop the cliff not only serves as a testament to human dedication but also as a testament to the enduring pursuit of divine proximity.

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