The humanitarian situation in Tigray is extremely dire

Mekelleแก 09 December 2023(Tigray Herald)

Escalating the food security crisis in Tigray threatens to worsen the nutritional status of the already vulnerable populations, especially in areas affected by failed or untimely rains and in woredas inaccessible to Tigray Nutrition partners.

Food insecurity poses a threat to an already dire situation in Tigray is faced with a very high/critical Global Acute Malnutrition (GAM) rate of 15.9% among children under 5, with six out of ten women of reproductive age malnourished

Crisis (IPC phase 3) outcomes have been anticipated between Oct 2023 & Jan 2024, and deterioration to Emergency (IPC phase 4) is expected in early 2024. The health systemโ€™s ability to respond to the health needs of people living in Tigray remains heavily compromised.

Maytsebri town, Dima, and Tselemti woredas in the southern part of the Northwestern Zone have been largely inaccessible to partners operating in the Tigray region, leaving at least 6,000 children who were projected to be severely malnourished in 2023 at risk of death.

Provision of Moderate Acute Malnutrition (MAM) services has been reduced by 50 % due to limited funding since August 2023, while SAM services have also been operating below the 50% operation capacity for partners. The proxy coverage of the nutrition services is pegged at 57%.

Cost of inaction: Failure to take swift action urgently and decisively will result to a further disproportionate malnutrition burden with possible additional loss of lives of the most vulnerable children and women in Tigray region.

Dou to Drought & conflict keeping over hundred thousands of children out of school in the district of Southern,Central,Eastern, north western and east souther Tigray.

The outcome of the Pretoria peace agreement has stopped the sound of gunfire, but people are dying of hunger and disease from archery

Although the only solution is to return the displaced to their homes, humanitarian aid that has been suspended for more than a decade.

The humanitarian situation in Tigray is extremely dire,more lives will be lost if vital supplies like food & medicine are delayed

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