Urgent Appeal to Tigray Focus Medias for Immediate Action

Mekelle:  25 January 2024 (Tigray Herald)

Urgent Appeal to Tigray Focus Medias for Immediate Action

Dear Esteemed Tigray Focus Medias,

We hope this letter finds you well. We write to you on behalf of the  Ancient knowledge Tigray Civic  Societies, a community deeply rooted in the ancient indigenous knowledge of Aksum-Tigray. Over the past 800 years, our people have endured unwarranted suffering – from killings and displacements to discrimination and social exclusion.

The time has come for Tigray Focus Medias, as influential voices in our society, to play a vital role in bringing attention to and stopping these atrocities. The ancient indigenous knowledge of our Aksum-Tigray Civic Societies Association deserves to be preserved, respected, and upheld.

Numerous individuals have been killed, displaced, and subjected to prejudice, discrimination, and social exclusion, preventing them from fully participating in society. This goes against the very norms that our society cherishes, and it must be rectified immediately.

The responsibility to address this issue lies not only with the government of Tigray but also with the church institutions in Tigray. We call upon the leaders within these institutions, particularly certain priests and monks, to cease practices that go against the true Orthodox Christian teachings.

In addition to raising awareness, we urge you to provide practical solutions for preserving and restoring our unique ancient indigenous knowledge. This is not only crucial for the Renaissance and revival of Aksum-Tigray’s ancient civilization but also for the post-genocide Tigray recovery and healing.

Justice, human dignity, and full legal protections are fundamental rights that our people demand and deserve. Let us collectively work towards a society that embraces inclusivity and rejects the discrimination and social isolation that have plagued us for centuries.

As Tigrayans, we believe in the power of media to bring about positive change. We kindly request your support in making Aksum-Tigray great again. Please find the list of Tigray Focus Medias below, arranged alphabetically:
Axumawuian Media network
Atranos Media
Cyberpower of Tigray Media
Dedebit Media
Dmitsi Weyane TV
Hakfen Media
Omega TV
Sewasewe Media
Tigrai Media House
Tigrai TV
UMD Media
Way of Light Media Network
Zara Media
We extend our special and heartfelt gratitude to Tibebe Yeberah Media as an exemplary Media  for bringing this critical issue to the public domain. Your commitment to highlighting these matters is commendable and appreciated.we  Hope. all the  Others  above mentioned Media  will follow suits.

Together, let us work towards a brighter future for the people of Tigray through the wisdom of our ancient indigenous Aksumite knowledge.


Yerega Yaecobe. human right activist.
On  behalf of the Tigray  ancient Knowledge  Civic Societies Association.

let’s use effective Media program
for  greater  social changes in Tigray

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