Tigrean for has been pulled from Skirt of Alamata town.

Mekelle፡24 May 2024 (Tigray Herald)

Tigrean for has been pulled from Skirt of Alamata town.

The Tigray Interim Administration has decided to pull Tigrayan Forces out of Garjale and BaqloManaqia villages near Alamata to honor its understanding with the federal government & Amhara administration to make it easier for Tigrayan IDPs to return as part of the implementation of the Pretoria Agreement.

The president of Tigray intrim Administartion Getachew  twitted in X Similar moves to return more Tigrayan IDPs are in the pipeline.

But some people complain that the local militias are not enough to protect the IDPs from attacks from neighboring regions with accomplice/encouragement of the Federal govt. Case in point is the brutal murder of 7 innocent civilians in Raya by Afar gunmen this week!

Despite the recent unfortunate events in #Raya_Azebo Tigray, there are reports of potential movement of Afar forces towards the #Tigray border from three different directions.

The interim administration also assured the public that they would be kept informed of any progress in the investigation. Additionally, the regional administration has urged the Afar regional government and the Federal Police Commission to bring the perpetrators to justice.

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