Mekelle፡26 May 2024 (Tigray Herald)


By Girmay Kahsay

People who rely on politics as a career are not ready to change, as they have no career to go back to.This needs to be considered in managing the change for the existing & future politicial leaders. It is time for culture of accountablity not for sense of entitlement. Status quo is not Sustainable. Humans have an objectively non-rational preferences for the status quo. When faced with difficult choices, people are more likely to choose the status quo. Such tendency to stick with what we know & avoid change  prevent us from moving into sustainable future. The question is how do we learn & grow from  our challenges instead of becoming  trapped & swallowed by them. Time is against #Tigray, We should not allow the Oligarchies take over the wheel of our lives. Local Authrities Election &/or Advisory Council would facilitate to get rid of these Oligarchies i.e. the small group of people who control/ own public institutions.
We all should support the proposed project i.e. Democratic Governance, Civil Service Reform & independent judicial  branch of government inTigray. However,  we all need to lose some of our obsession with personalities & debate ideas not people. We all need to realise that acting as if nothing has changed will not do. ‘Both sides’ is a dangerous lie that evades responsibility. The main problem with bothsidesism is when everybody is responsible, nobody is responsible. We Should  Consciously  Stop Lionizing Individuals ! Turning challenges into opportunities is a mindset shift that requires courage.

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