The CEO of Purpose Black Ethiopia has fled to the USA,

MekelleŠć° 22 June 2024 (Tigray Herald)

The CEO of Purpose Black Ethiopia has fled to the USA, citing threats to his life amidst a backdrop of grand corruption in the country. Government officials demanded a staggering 200 million ETB, according to him.   Despite committing to constructing 1.5 million houses and securing a land sale agreement with BGI-Ethiopia, legal disputes have plagued the project, now embroiled in court proceedings.

Fiseha Eshetu, the CEO, sought government support to navigate bureaucratic challenges but faced escalating pressure, culminating in fears for his safety. Accused of unlawful weapons distribution, support for armed movements in Amhara, and other charges, he felt compelled to seek refuge in the USA, issuing a press release from there.

This case not only exposes the challenges confronting Purpose Black Ethiopia’s investments but also serves as a stark example of the rampant grand corruption in the country over the past six years, coinciding with widespread conflict and unrest.

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