“Don’t repeat the mistake” Mr. Jawar

Oromo politician Jawar Mohamod

Don’t repeat the mistake” Mr. Jawar

MekelleŠć°January 13,2023 ( Tigray Herald)

Oromo Federal Congress Vice Chairman and Head of Foreign Relations, Jewar Mohammed urged not to repeat the mistakes of the past to bring lasting peace in Ethiopia.

Jawar stated that the visit of the federal government delegation to Mekele and the start of basic services such as banking, telecommunications and flights are an indication that peace can be established quickly when politicians stay away from the destructive path of war.

He added that the enthusiasm on both sides was evident and the feeling of reuniting families on the first flight to Mekele after the war was a reflection of the damage caused by going through war.

He also advised that while we all enjoy this fast-moving peace process, care should be taken not to repeat the recent mistakes.

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