The Eritrean troops kidnapped  50 young Tigreans

Yesterday (January 14, 2023) morning, people from various areas such as Gedba, Hinzat, Adi Yiakoro, Alagsa, Kola Geble, Sera etc. come to Adwa for market.  The Eritrean troops entered this place last night. They knew it was the main conduit. So people from those areas have been arresting everyone from morning till afternoon. they eventually sent the older parents, and left the younger ones. Their number is estimated at about 50. It is not known where they took them from the scene. The family is very concerned. I have been following the results since I received this information yesterday and have not been able to find any news. I wondered if there would be any chance of getting information and finding a way to survive with the help of technology. It is to make our voice heard out loud for the international community.

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