Ethiopia instructs Amhara forces to leave Western Tigray

MekeleŠć°January 21,2023(Tgray Herald)
The government of Ethiopia has instructed armed regional forces and militia from the Amhara region to leave West Tigray, ENDF sources told RSO.

The regional forces, who fought alongside the federal army against Tigraian forces in the TigrayWar, were told to base 60KM away from the Tigray and Amhara regional border.

According to RSO sources, the Ethiopian Military intends to control the border between the two  regions.

In the meanwhile, troops from Eritrea  withdrew from significant parts of Tigray. In an aparrent intent to send a message to Tigray, the withdrawing Eritrean troops depicted several written messages on their convoys.

The vehichles carrying Eritrean troops were also carrying banners depicting messages as “Yes, we are beasts … Woyane [TPLF] is disarmed, but the Shaebya [Eritrea] prevailed … Game Over, mission accomplished…” witnesses told RSO.

A day after the reports of their withdrawal, the Ethiopian army shows off its military might with new weaponry allegedly from China.

Leaders from Ethiopia and Eritrea secretly met at UAE on 16 Jan 2023 to discuss the withdrawal of Eritrean forces from Tigray.

Eritrean leader Isaias  Afwerki, during the meeting in UAE, claimed compensation of millions of dollars for the cost of lives and ammunations the Eritrean army paid during the war in Tigray.

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